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Autumn-Winter Style Guide

Sometimes it might seem easier to put away your stylish wardrobe for autumn and winter as the effort may seem wasted on those murky grey days. Yes, we all know that it`s cold and wet but that alone should be the main reason for going outside in style.

There is a wide variety of colors available for those Autumn-Winter 2011/12 styles. The choice of colors all depends on whether you want to keep your look neutral or muted to tone in with those overcast days or whether you want to make a statement of bold. If you prefer those darker colors then keep an eye on the catwalks for the forest greens, plums and midnight blues. The little brighter options include sea greens and teals and you might want to consider wearing silvers, blues and purples for that `urban romance` or metropolitan twist.

The big catwalk shows have also given us some really bright ideas to think about this Autumn-Winter. Most designers showed oranges, reds and yellows which can be worn as they are, or as contrasts with other bright colors such as blues and greens. If you`re not quite brave enough to go for full-on colour, then try wearing one bright item such as a shirt with black pants.

Traditional fabrics such as checks and plaids have been around for the last few years and it looks like the trend for these is continuing to go from strength to strength and knitwear is still that Autumn-Winter essential. Not only are there plenty of traditional styles out there but there are those with the seventies influence. That big red chunky jumper or the one with the vintage pattern is a must.

Duffel coats and shearling coats are still about this season, reflecting the seventies influence that is continuing to dominate men`s styling. The casual jackets are quilted and laid back and plenty of pockets are a must for this season. The biker chic that has been in women`s styles for the past couple of years is launching into men`s styles with some key designers adding a biker influence to their lines. The Barbour Steve McQueen Collection offers a line of classic clothing designed to reflect this biker cool with a seventies twist, creating perfect styling for casual day to evening wear. Remember that whatever new styles you go for this Autumn-Winter make sure you don`t leave them in your wardrobe until Spring. 🙂

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