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Bonobos ‘The Corps’ Pants – A Men’s Clothing Review

Bonobos The Corps pants will become part of your core wardrobe…

The Corps, named after some of our nations greatest heroes,  are a wonderful pair of khakis that are comfortable, stylish and well made.  Perhaps what I like best about the Bonobos Corps are that they are incredibly versatile.  They are handsome enough to wear to work with a button-down shirt or polo, but I can also wear them for a night out without feeling over dressed.  Hey, I could even wear these to the neighborhood picnic.

Bonobos stress the importance of having properly fitting pants and urges buyers to use a local tailor for  final hemming.  The Corps, however, are available with a finished hem – sometimes, you just don’t want to or have time for a tailor.  When I ordered these, they came promptly and were packaged well with tissue paper.

I ordered my size, 34×32, hopeful they would fit well — I typically don’t order something of the internet that I haven’t tried on before.  Knowing that Bonobos had an easy exchange policy, I was comfortable with giving it a try.  I’m happy to report, the pants fit very well.

For me, I selected the Montgomery Brown.  You can also get these pants in Eisenhower Tan, Patton Stone, or MacArthur Steel.

The Corps pants are available in either a straight leg or a slight boot cut – I chose the athletic straight leg cut.  What’s interested about these pants is that the measurements were dead on.  Sometimes when I pull pants off the rack at my local department store, a 32″ inseam bunches at the foot – ok if you’re a hip-hop singer, not ok if you’re anyone else.

Pants shouldn’t bunch at the foot, they should only have a single break at the front of the shoe (crease of fabric).  In the back of the shoe, the hem should rest where the heel meets the lower part of the shoe.  This is where I found my new Bonobos.  The Corps come in 4 different inseam options – 30, 32, 34, and 36.

For the waist, Bonobos put a slight curve at the waistband to make them fit better.  The waistband is nicely lined with proper stitching.  At the front, you’ll find the signature Bonobos “B” button for closure.  Around the waist, you’ll find 5 wide belt loops.  I really appreciate the wider belt loops to accommodate my wide belts – creating a casual, youthful look.  I wear a narrower belt with typical dress pants, but prefer to wear a wider belt with my more casual pants.

If you’re new to Bonobos, get ready for some fun, interesting looks.  While I’m not so sure that I’d wear pink pants, it may be fun to have a pair of their green for St. Patrick’s day or their American flag pants for our 4th of July.  Even if you’re not a ‘wild on the outside’ kind of guy, you can still have a bit of fun with their more conservative pants, like The Corps.

The material Bonobos uses inside these pants, and most all of their pants, are a contrasting, hip pattern.  For my pants, I had a red and yellow plaid liner with a purple zipper (which you don’t see unless you’re taking your pants off – you’re the only one who knows). As little bonus, Bonobos sews in a smaller pocket within the right front pocket where your coins drop – avoiding the jingling as you walk; I really like when brands add the smaller inner pocket.

The overall fit of these pants were comfortable and flattering.  For a guy like myself who doesn’t have much of a derriere I found these pants quite flattering. All too often, pants off the rack leave me with a bit of a saggy looking butt – causing me to have to tailor my pants, and adding to the overall cost.  With the Bonobos Corps, I actually had a real butt!  Through the thighs and legs, I also found these pants to fit remarkable well.

All in all, I can confidently recommend these, and other Bonobos products to you.  Through my experience with these pants and their swim shorts, I’ve found Bonobos to create high quality products that simply fit well! While they’re clothing isn’t cheap, it’s well worth the money you’ll pay – $88.  Why pay $50 for a pair of Dockers and have ill-fitting pants and a saggy butt when you can spend a bit more and get a proper pair of pants?

Bonobos is giving you multiple reasons to try out a pair of Bonobos. For a limited time, you can buy 3 and save $30 or buy 5 and save $70.

In addition, Bonobos is running a promo where you can get $50 off your first order when a friend refers you to Bonobos .  Once you buy your first pair, you too can send an email promo code so they can get $50 off their first order – win, win for all.

If you’re new to Bonobos, SAVE $50 ON YOUR FIRST ORDER, with this link!

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