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Dockers Original Khaki Pants …

Dockers Men’s Flat Front Original Khaki pants (#40581) are a fairly basic pair of casual pants and pretty much what you’d expect for a basic pair of Khaki pants.

The pants are made of 60% cotton/ 40% polyester with a button-through front closure.  The style I purchased is a flat front (never buy pleated pants – see style guide).  The pants provide for a bit of flexibility in the waistband – which is good for after too many Christmas cookies.  The pants have a relaxed fit in the rear, which for me can be a problem (not so much junk in the trunk), and the leg is slightly tapered.  The pants are pretty decent for wash and wear.  They claim to be wrinkle-free but I’m a bit of a wrinkle fanatic and always press my pants.

Normally priced at $48, I’d probably pass these up and pay a bit more to get a higher quality brand.  With the sale going on (50% off) I probably would buy these because they’re a good product for the price.

I’d wear these on a weekend or for very casual.  In my opinion, they aren’t high-end enough for business casual.


Overall Rating:  3/5

At $48, pass -At $25, yes  

Style:  3/5 
Basic pair of Khaki pants

Fabric:  3/5

Decent overall

Fit:  2/5

Would prefer a more fitted pant

Quality:  3/5

Average quality 

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