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Men`s Iconic Designers

Men`s fashion can be a bit of a minefield; information is less widely available about the latest trends in men`s styles than it is in women`s. Other than following the trends that appear in the shops there are often few other ways for men to emulate the catwalks unless they actively go out and pursue fashion, read the magazines and catch up on the latest news – or, of course, follow Menswear Review 🙂 . And lets be honest, that`s difficult to maintain, even in women`s fashion. Men`s fashions and styles are often a lot more subtle than women`s; jeans and a shirt will always be in but the position on the waist or slimness of the pants may change subtly. Similarly shirt styles, how closely they fit and the length of sleeve will change from season to season. Suits have been a staple of a man`s wardrobe since the late nineteenth century but this doesn`t mean to say that many men wouldn`t notice if he was wearing a 1920`s cut of suit. Retro styles aside, the cut and fit changes every season and significantly every few years but these are subtle changes that can be missed by the untrained eye.

Following top brands and designers is one way to ensure you are buying the latest in men`s fashions. These top fashion houses will do the hard work for you, following and exhibiting on the catwalks, setting the trends each season and then bringing them to the high street or boutique designer shops. This season top fashion mags are recommending various up and coming designers along with the usual fare. Prada, Hugo Boss and Gucci will always guarantee premium quality and the latest cutting edge design and style as well as the name. Burberry and Calvin Klein may be more within budget for some wardrobe and will still ensure a high level of style and quality in the clothes.

The latest trends on the catwalk range from neat fitting tweeds that have taken the traditional style and brought it firmly into the 21st century, to casual autumn and winter styles that are generally quite fitted, highly layered and featuring subdued autumn colors. Clothe styles are simple and outfits are made to look their best with high quality bags and shoes that pull the style together. Shoes remain one of the most important elements to any wardrobe and a good pair of shoes or boots can make or break an outfit. Shoes are one item where paying for quality really does work; a quality pair of shoes can last for years and after a while, form part of the retro section in your wardrobe. The latest on the catwalks at the moment suggests that a pair of brogues is the necessary item for the coming season; this stylish suede shoe is not only comfortable but also suits a number of outfits, adding an element of style to a range of looks. There are various shoes available at online retailers such as TOMS shoes where various styles and latest trend can be found to fit a number of budgets.

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