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Lands’ End Pinpoint Dress Shirt – A Review

As a man who wears a dress shirt every day, I’m constantly on the look for a quality dress shirt.  The Lands’ End Traditional Fit Buttondown No Iron Pinpoint Dress Shirt is my latest to try.  

From a style perspective, I know there are mixed opinions on a buttondown collar.  For me, I like the look of a buttondown when I’m not wearing a tie.  The Lands’ End Pinpoint Dress Shirt was a good look without a tie and much prefer it over a standard Oxford shirt.  Pinpoint over the standard Oxford has a finer thread to create a high-end fabric.  The Pinpoint also produces more sheer than the standard Oxford.   As a plus to being a Pinpoint Oxford, this shirt was also a no-iron short.  This feature was quite true.  After a day’s wear, I had minimal wrinkles.  I did find, however, that I still needed to press the shirt after it was washed.  But, once pressed, it holds well.  

The workmanship of this Lands’ End shirt was solid.  I like that the shirt is available in a variety of colors.  The Pinpoint fabric is certainly more high-end than the traditional shirt, but quality was also evident in the seams and fastening of the buttons.  In addition, the back yoke (material that connects the back and shoulders) is mitered for a clean look and more comfort.  While I typically wear a fitted shirt, I didn’t find this overly bulky as I do with some other brands due to my neck and arm size (but not gut).  For some reason, some brands think that if you have 34/35 arms and a 16.5 or 17″ neck that you must also be fat – ughh.  

I really did like this shirt overall and will be picking up a few extras in some of the other colors.  I enjoy tie-free Fridays and this shirt fits the bill.  At $30-$40 a shirt, they’re reasonably priced.

Check out Lands’ End for the entire selection.

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Overall Rating:  4/5

A great quality made shirt

Style:  4/5 
Traditional, classic look
Fabric:  4/5

Quality Pinpoint material

Fit:  4/5

Fit well but will also look at fitted
Quality:  5/5
Well made

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