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Equmen Precision Sock Review

As the CEO of a small non-profit, I’m constantly wearing business suits – and with that, dress socks.  When I first received my pair of Equmen Precision Socks, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  Are these going to be for sport, dress, casual, traveling, or what??  The answer to all of these questions was an astounding, YES!

Equmen, who’ve I’ve previously reviewed and love, have recently come out with their line of socks utilizing their amazing helix-mapping technology.  I originally feared that a pair of compression socks would feel like old-man support hose – boy, was I wrong!

The socks are knee-highs, which are taller than I typically wear, in order to provide maximum circulation.  While these are taller than typically wear, I found these to be incredibly comfortable.  I wore these socks as both dress socks, but also for sport.

As dress socks, I found these socks really enhanced the circulation in my legs.  I often sit in long meetings and my legs beginequmen precision socks to get achy and restless.  Surprisingly, I didn’t have any of that with these socks.  The socks are a close fit on your calves, but are a bit more relaxed (and cushioned) on your feet.  While they’re a close fit on your calves, it’s a comfortable, even feeling which creates the increased blood flow in your legs.  The socks do have ribbing along the arch of the foot which did help with overall support and comfort – very similar to some of my sports socks.

While you’re not going to win any fashion awards with these socks, nobody’s going to call the fashion police either.  Available in standard black (what I tried) or grey, they’re fairly fashion neutral.  Perhaps as these socks take off, they’ll be able to add a bit more flair and style to the look.

For sport, I was equally in love with these socks.  As a skier, I often wear sports socks to aid in leg fatigue, moisture wicking, temperature control – as well as odor control.  The Equmen Precision Socks performed fantastically in each of these areas.  Combined with my Equmen underwear and undershirt, I was a happy camper- I mean skier. 🙂

Priced at $29.99 USD, that’s a bit more than I’d typically pay for a pair of socks.  When you account for the type of sock you’re purchasing and the benefits you’ll receive, they’re easily worth the price.

Where to Buy:

Overall Rating ★★★★★
Fit ★★★★★ Very comfortable and really helped with circulation
Style [rating=3] Super Sexy
Fabric ★★★★★ Moisture wicking, soft on the feet, supportive
Quality ★★★★★ Excellent
Size I Wore: one size

equmen precision socks blackequmen precision socks

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