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HOM Fil d’ Ecosse Socks – A Mens Clothing Review

For all of the men’s clothing reviews I’ve done, this will be the first pair of socks.  If you’ve followed my blog for a bit, you likely know that I typically wear a business suit and work long hours.  

Key items of my wardrobe, beyond the suit, are finding comfortable underwear, undershirts that stay tucked, fitted dress shirts, and socks that don’t fall down or make my feet sweat.  For socks, I often wear CK, GoldToe, Tommy, and a few others.  While I’ve reviewed other HOM products, this pair of HOM socks are the first I’ve tried from HOM and were sent to me by my friends at Dead Good Undies.

The HOM Fil d’Ecosse are unlike any socks I own.  The socks are incredibly smooth with a bit of a sheen to them and are just a tad sheer.  Made from a blend of 94% Cotton and 6% Elastane, the socks were comfortable and stayed up (I hate having to repeatedly pull my socks up).  I found the socks to fit my feet well and were breathable (didn’t make my feet stink).  The socks come in a one-size style that are to fit feet that are a UK 6-10 or EU 40-45.  I wear a size 11-1.5 US (depending on the shoe) and found these to fit my feet well.

The HOM Fil d’Ecosse are availabe in Black (the color I tried) or Navy and just above the ankle there is a small grey HOM logo.  I can easily recommend these HOM dress socks to you and are now one of my favorite pairs of socks.  The socks are Â£9.36 (aprx US $13.93) for one pair or Â£23.83 (aprx US $35.47) for a 3-pack.  While they are a bit more expensive than a standard pair of socks, these are certainly a quality dress sock and are a value for the price paid.  Check out Dead Good Undies for more colors and styles – including the unique Asymmetrical pair from HOM.


Overall Rating
A quality pair of men’s dress socks
Very comfortable, light and airy
Dressy sheen, elegant
Soft, semi-sheer cotton/elastane blend
Very well made

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