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RibbedTee’s New MicroModal Undershirt – A Men’s Undershirt Review

Before I get started with the review, I have to tell you that a quality undershirt is key to my wardrobe.  Without a decent undershirt, it doesn’t matter how good my shirt or suit is.  If you’ve read the Veritas blog, you certainly know the importance of an undershirt under a dress shirt.  

For me, I look for a couple of key elements in a quality, and appropriate, undershirt:

  1. Neckband and arm bands must lay flat and not be bulky
  2. Neckband must be of a comfortable material to avoid an itchy collar
  3. Seems must lay flat to avoid bulk
  4. Shirt must be long enough to stay tucked in!!  This means the shirt should come down to where your buttocks meet your legs – long enough to stay touched in without the bump across the rear. This will stop the “blousing” or fake love handles.  Really, what guy want’s to look like they have love handles when they don’t or bigger ones than they already have!
  5. Thin material to avoid adding bulk, but be of quality to not wear out too soon.
  6. Price must be doable -this varies for everyone.
The short review – RibbedTee’s new MicroModal MicroRib Undershirt met all of my requirements with flying colors!!

I previously reviewed RibbedTee’s Micromodal “Protector” singlet/tank-top, Classic Undershirt, and RIPT Fusion (slimming) – each scoring quit well in their respective categories.  What I like about RibbedTee is all of their shirts feature the extra length to help keep them tucked in.

The MicroModal MicroRib Undershirt, RibbedTee’s latest, comes in both a crew neck and v-neck.  For this review, I tried the crew neck – which I prefer under a dress shirt with a tie.  If I were to wear a shirt without a tie I’d opt for the v-neck so that it wouldn’t show underneath.

The MicroModal Undershirt is made from, obviously, a Lenzing MicroModal blended with luxury Pima cotton in a micro ribbed fabric (50/50).  For those of you new to MicroModal, it is a luxury material that is extremely light weight, breathable, eco-friendly, more durable than cotton, and silky soft.  The Pima cotton compliments this well as being recognized as one of the finest grades of cotton in the world due to its long, luxurious fibers.  So, needless to say, RibbedTee’s MicroModal undershirt is incredibly soft and comfortable.  In comparison to the other well-known stay-tucked undershirt (Tommy John), I must say that I like RibbedTee’s blend better.  Tommy John’s fabric tends to stretch out more during the day and felt more “clingy” in comparison to RibbedTee’s.

The overall fit of the undershirt was stellar.  The length of the shirt sat as it should – just at the bottom of my buttocks so it’d stay in.  An ex-Marine friend of my shared a tip a bit ago of tucking your shirt in your underwear so it wouldn’t ride up.  I did this out of necessity but hated the feel because you felt the bottom hem across your butt all day.  The miracle of this shirt is that it stays tucked in, without being in your underwear, and doesn’t hit you across the rear where you have the uncomfortable rub all day.

There are a few stay-tucked undershirts on the market today.  As of this writing, and in my opinion, I’d rank RibbedTee at the top of the list of stay-tucked undershirts for it’s quality, comfort MicroModal/Pima Cotton blend, function, and value.  At $29 it is an expensive undershirt – considering you can buy a pack of Hanes for much less.  

Before trying a stay-tucked undershirt there was no way I thought I’d pay close to $30 for an undershirt; after trying stay-tucked undershirts there’s no way I’d buy a regular undershirt – no matter how cheap it is.  With RibbedTee, you’re definitely getting what you pay for!  If you’re still not sure about $30 for an undershirt, you can always try RibbedTee’s Classic undershirt at two for $18.50 – also a stay-tucked design (see my review).  The MicroModal is definitely a luxury undershirt, but aren’t you worth it?  Either way, MicroModal or Classic, you can’t go wrong!

** The picture shown is of RibbedTee’s v-neck MicroModal – same material and quality as the crew neck I tried.


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Overall Rating
Easily a favorite and definitely recommend
Fit perfect
Hey, it’s an undershirt – but yes it looks great by itself too
A perfect blend
Very well made –  and tagless!

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 42″ chest)

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