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Sculptees – The Body Sculpting Wonder!

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I’ve recently had the pleasure of
trying the
Scultptees Slim, T-Slim, and Pex. Wonderful would be an

The Sculptees Slim (tanktop) is
designed to help sculpt your physique. The Slim has a ribbed knit
design that runs from top to bottom, comfortably slimming your
mid-section. Because of the design, I didn’t feel any seems – which
made for comfortable wearing. The Slim is a compression tanktop, but
it didn’t compress to the point where I was uncomfortable. I wore
the Slim under a fitted t-shirt all day and was really quite
comfortable. The Slim did a fantastic job of fading my Thanksgiving
Day sins. 🙂 At $58, it’s well priced for a slimming shirt.

The Sculptees T-Slim (undershirt) is a
body sculpting mesh t-shirt. I really liked how the T-Slim fit,
performed and looked! The shirt looks really small when you first
pull it out of the package, but it has wonderful stretch. The tight
(but not overly tight) t-shirt sculpts your body, giving a more
muscular look. I found the shirt enhanced my pecs and biceps. The
material is a lightweight mesh that breaths well and wicked away
sweat while I worked out. The T-Slim is $78 but worth the price. Of
the three styles, this was my favorite.

The Sculptees Pex (tanktop) is designed
to hug your waist, but not your pecs. The fit is similar to the
T-Slim except that the top of the shirt (pecs) doesn’t have the
compression. This is really for when you just want to control your
waistline and aren’t concerned about your pecs. Similar to the
T-Slim, it is also a ribbed knit nylon material. I also found this
shirt to be comfortable and did as described – slimmed my waist.
At $58 is the same price as the T-Slim – you just need to decide if
you want full compression or just on your waist.

All in all, I really liked all three
styles. My favorite is the T-Slim – really liked how it looked on
me and felt. I would easily wear any of these 3 under a dress shirt
for work or out for fun. Prices are similar to the RIPT and Equmen.
The Equmen gave me a tad better back support but I liked how the
Sculptees T-Slim looked on my better. The choice is yours, you won’t
be disappointed with any of the three styles.

Get yours for the holidays – you’ll
want to look good after all the holiday treats!

You can buy Sculptees factory direct or
Freshpair (free shipping) – both sell for $58 for the Slim
and Pex or $78 for the T-Slim.   


Overall Rating:  5/5

High Quality, great color choice, very comfortable, worked great!

Style:  5/5
Tanktops are average, T-Slim is sexy with great color selection

Fabric:  5/5

Great comfortable material that breathes well

Fit:  3/5

Fit like a Sculptees, er make that glove 🙂

Quality:  5/5

Very well made, washed well

Size I Wore:  L/XL

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