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Tommy John … think affordable luxury!

As someone who wears a shirt and tie every day (often 12-14 hour days) comfort is of great importance to me. I often find myself needing to go to the restroom just so I can pull my undershirt back down. Too often, my undershirts bunch up around may waist giving me love handles I don’t have. When I heard about the Tommy John undershirt, I was skeptical that an undershirt could really stay tucked. I was also skeptical that it would feel like a “second skin” – boy, was I wrong!!

The Tommy John Second Skin undershirt is simply amazing. The silky Micro Modal fabric is so lightweight it really feels like I’m not wearing an undershirt – yes, like it really is my second skin. The super soft material is very stretchy without being clingy to you. I can see how any man, regardless of physique, will be comfortable in this shirt.

The Second Skin undershirt is more expensive ($36) than the RibbedTee (2/$20) or the Jockey Go ($23), but they’re not the same undershirt. All three do stay tucked in throughout the day – that’s where the similarity ends. The Second Skin is by far the most comfortable to wear. The RibbedTee is quite a bit less ($10/ea) but you know you’re wearing an undershirt. If you have the money, I’d buy the Tommy John. If the price is too steep, go with the RibbedTee. You may want to buy one of each and decide if the price is worth it for your self.

You can buy these at for $36 or on sale at Freshpair for $30.60.

Size I Wore: L


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