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Winter Sports Clothing

When it comes to winter sports clothing for men there is an almost bewildering array of different styles on offer. With so many key trends it can be easy to get sucked down the fashion route and find yourself with apparel which isn`t quite up to the job. By shopping around and keeping key winter sportswear brands in mind, however, it is possible to find a great selection of winter sports clothing which will not only look cool, but will withstand the rigors of whatever sport you decide to try your hand at this season.

There are a few key specifics you need to keep in mind when choosing winter sports wear. The chances are that wherever you happen to be, you are going to get cold and wet if not properly wrapped up against the elements. Check fabrics are fully waterproof, not just shower proof, to be in with a chance of avoiding hypothermia while out and about.

Waterproof shouldn`t mean you are sweating underneath all your layers, by the way. Many modern fabrics have been specifically designed to allow moisture to escape from the body while keeping the rain or snow out from your inner layers. Make sure that all fabrics are fully breathable or you are going to end up soaking wet from the inside out, not ideal if you are going to be skiing, snowboarding or anything else which is going to get you working up a sweat.

You also need to check that all seams on your clothing are storm-proofed by having additional layers of tape over them to ensure no leakage from the outside in. Any kind of pull ties and elastics around the edges of your garments such as cuffs, hoods and the bottom of your jacket are going to help to make sure you keep warm and dry in all kinds of conditions.

Winter sports essentials include fleece sweat shirts or hoodies, waterproof insulated pants, hats, gloves and not to mention the all important outer layer. Coats should have plenty of pockets to let you stash emergency snacks and drinks and even spare layers of clothing and it`s always helpful to have extra long tabs on your zips to allow you to remove layers without taking off your gloves.

Although there are many cheap imitation brands available on the market, it is always best to go for labels which are well recognised and have been specifically designed for the rigours of winter sports activities. Volcom clothing has a long history and an established reputation for creating premium quality sportswear which is as tough as you are. Just remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing. Get yourself some decent sportswear and live a little!

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