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2wink Australia Launches ‘Walkabout’ Range

Popular Aussie underwear company 2wink Australia takes a journey back in time with its new “Walkabout” range of designer men’s underwear. For the first time ever, an Australian underwear company has teamed up with an Aboriginal artist to create a new range of 100% Australian-made men’s underwear.
The underwear range, which celebrates the Aboriginal Australian culture features footprints walking across the waistband. It was designed by Aboriginal artist Peter Mulchay of Queensland, and symbolizes the Aboriginal culture’s rite of passage for adolescent young men.
“We’re proud of our Australian history,” says 2wink Australia co-owner Carl McNeill. “And we wanted to create a range of underwear celebrating the diversity of such history while also incorporating cultural elements that are around today. We also brought on popular fitness model Lee Stram who has helped to create an incredible buzz about the Walkabout range.”
Walkabout low-rise briefs and trunks are available exclusively in black and provide a sexy, masculine look and feel. Aussie craftsmanship offers a mixture of cotton and spandex to hold firm and highlight both front and rear assets. The briefs retail for around $21 – $23 USD (free worldwide shipping), and are available at
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