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Bum-Chums Christmas Underwear

It’s beginning to look an awful lot like Christmas

If you’ve been a very good boy this year then maybe, just maybe, this Christmas, Santa may just swing by your house, with a present of your very own.

Christmas is the time for doing “good” for your fellow man and what better way to do that than with the gift of Men’s Underwear?

Yes, the boys at Bum-Chums tell us “Santa knows who’s been naughty or nice but if these pants are “right up your chimney”, then why wait for Santa?”

Paying homage to generations of Christmas knitting from mothers, aunts and grandmas alike, these very special Christmas knits are a sure bet to outshine any hideous offering you may receive this festive season! Adding the “Christmas Jumper Underwear” to your seasonal ensemble would just be the fairy on the tree and show any one who sees you in them that you really believe t’is the season to be jolly!!!

A limited edition Bum-Chums print adorns this English Knitted Cloth and will nestle your baubles gently with a contoured pouch and fitted behind, meaning your tree decorations are tucked up without being strangled by tinsel. Because there’s nothing worse than a Yule Log that gets squished before anyone even gets a taste!

So this year why not allow yourself a festive Christmas Gift or else brighten someone else’s’ Yule tide by sending them a pair of truly stunning British Made Men’s Underwear… If you’re really in the festive mood, then why not give it to them under some mistletoe?

The Christmas Jumper Print is available in Brief or Hipster design in Red and Green. The fabric composition is a blend of Polyester 83% and Spandex 17%.

What do you think of the new Bum Chums Christmas Jumper?

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