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Bum-Chums Get a Fresh Spring in their Step

Just released this spring are 5 styles of old, that have all had a bit of re-work and updating doing at Bum-Chums. Including some long time favorites; the In2Cooler and the Tool Belt designs.

Bum-Chums have re-designed their Tool Belt and In2cooler designs to be more streamlined to their re-worked and bully-fitting Brief design. Both now support all-round-bum cupping. Improved to be better fitted, the design now features better scooping round all of the butt-cheeks to give that perfect support. That combined with the Jock styled pouch makes these a hot pair of men’s underwear by any standard.

The In2Cooler, was originally designed to reduce sweaty crack and sack for guys who have a more active lifestyle, and now has a more uniform mesh vent to the rear, giving a pleasing optical effect from behind. It too is now more in-line with the 2018 Bum-Chums Brief design fit, giving better continuity to the collections.

A new addition to their ASSylum Collection, this one a Bright and Bold Orange, which they’re calling “Sol”. It’s much more warming in contrast to their debut “Aqua” blue in the same collection.

With a choice of 5 different styles of underwear in this collection, the different designs really stand out. We’re told that more are to come in this collection. The entire new release includes the Bum-Chums Hipster, Brief, Jock, In2Cooler and Tool Belt designs, which all have their own appeal.

Styles are online and available for you go get your hands on now from and look for an review on this coming soon!

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