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Amorous 4Us Brief Review

     I recently reviewed another pair of Amorous 4Us, a company specializing in products made from bamboo. While it may be a brand many have not heard of, it is one worth taking note of. Previously, I wrote about their wonderful boxer brief.  This time, let’s talk about their brief.
     Just like the boxer brief, I noticed right off the bat how silky soft their brief was. Amorous 4Us’ bamboo model blended fabric (47.5% Rayon from Bamboo, 47.5% Modal, 5% Spandex) was especially designed by the manufacturer for their underwear. Their fabric is among some of the softest I’ve felt. The idea of this fabric is to combine the softness, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifungal, absorbent, and antistatic features from bamboo and modal together, in order to provide extreme comfort.  As a bonus (and a concept I really like) both bamboo and modal are eco-friendly fabric, so it is benefit the people who don’t wear them as well.
      Just about everything I loved about the boxer brief is the same for the brief, except for the style factor.  Unfortunately, the style of the brief is rather plain. For comfort, I like how the front pouch is comfortable and held things in place nicely and the full rear coverage.
     All in all, these are a fantastic brief if you’re just going for comfort and not fashion.  The are a great price at only $7.99 a pair (on sale)!!

Overall Rating:  3/5
Great briefs but dropped rating because of style

Style:  2/5
Lacking – very plain
Fabric:  4.5/5
Incredibly soft
Fit: 4/5
Fit very well
Quality:  4/5
Seem to be put together well – no problems after wash and wear

Size I Wore:  M
  • FIT
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