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Andrew Christian Flashback "Bubble Butt" Brief Review

Andrew Christian’s “Bubble Butt” Brief gets mixed reviews from me and am having a difficult time scoring these. The flashback brief, if you’re not familiar with it, basically takes a regular brief and stitches in straps in the seat – like having jockstraps in your underwear.  

When I first tried them on, I really liked them.  I liked how the Flashback straps lifted my cheeks and enhanced my rear view.  The problem is that because the strips are trying to lift your cheeks it’s also pulling down the waistband (gravity).  So, after a bit I felt like my undies were falling down and had the sensation that I needed to pull up my underwear.  Other than that, that is my only complaint.  In general, I like Andrew Christian products (see my other review).

On the positive side, the fabric (90% cotton/ 10% spandex) was really nice and you could tell it was of good quality.  I also enjoyed the front pouch which supported me well.  It’s also quite evident that the overall quality of craftsmanship is quite good – especially with their ant-muffin top elastic.  I like that the Flashback brief doesn’t use any padding to enhance the rear (how embarrassing if others knew).  I know that the Flashback brief is a pretty good seller for Andrew Christian so others may have a different view on the brief or are willing to put up with the sensation.  I think after time, you’d get used to it.  I know I had this feeling when I first started wearing low-rise (not used to the sensation of sitting so low).  So, with that, I think the benefits outlined above and hoping that the sensation is something you’d get used to, I would recommend these – if for no other reason than to give you a better back side.

A good place to buy these is at BodyJock Co. where they’re having a sale on Andrew Christian. 


Overall Rating:  4/5

Overall, worth buying if you’re looking for the butt lift 

Style:  4/5 
Nice look

Fabric:  4.5/5

Quality material

Fit:  3/5

Front pouch is great, plenty of rear coverage, sensation of brief pulling down

Quality:  5/5

Seem to be made very well

Size I Wore:  L

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