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Aussiebum Wonderjock Brief

The Aussiebum Wonderjock Brief is not what I had hoped it would be.  The material is very comfortable, has good butt coverage, but the “wonder” part of it isn’t all that comfortable.  Basically, you place your manhood into a little pouch that helps to lift it up and out.  This was fine when I was just walking around, but when I wore them all day at the office, the inside pouch caused my balls to pull too much.  I ended up taking myself out of the interior pouch.  This was fine, then but was a bit bulky and defeats the purpose.  If you’re out and about and not sitting at a desk all day, they’re fine and really do a fabulous job enhancing things.  

I’ve heard good reviews on their other products, like Flaunt, and will likely try those too.  I’m anticipating the pouch to me more comfortable for all day wear.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Takes a bit of getting used to but really enhances things

Style:  5/5
Stylish – a nice flaunt

Fabric:  4/5
Nice cotton

Fit:  4/5
See comments above

Quality:  5/5
Good quality – have been worn and washed several times

Size I Bought:  L

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