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Be A SuperDude, you won’t regret it …

     Boys and their Hardwear nail it again with their boxer brief. Earlier, I wrote a review on Boys and the Hardwear brief, which I wrote a positive review on.  On Monday, I knew it was going to be a rough day heading back to work after 10 days of vacation.  There was only one way I’d be able to accomplish this feat of returning to work, I needed to be a SuperDude.  That is exactly what I did.  I wore my SuperDude boxer briefs was able to happily, and without incident, make it through the tough day back!

     Similar to the briefs, the boxer briefs are also made from 90% cotton/ 10% spandex, creating a comfortable material.  These were an extremely comfortable boxer brief to wear all day.  The material was soft, had some give to it, the leg bands kept the legs in place, and they were fun to wear.  I must say, if these were a plain color or some hideous color, I’d still buy them they were that comfortable to wear.  But fear not, because these are a “superman” color scheme with the cool SuperDude logo across the pouch.  Comfort and fun all in one – that’s what I’m talking about!  Easily on my favorite’s list!
    Boys and their Hardwear are having a sale right now so if you buy 3 you get free shipping.  Really, you need to check these out.  


Overall Rating:  5/5

Awesome, you won’t regret it
Style:  5/5
Feel like a super hero

Fabric:  5/5

Comfortable cotton blend

Fit:  5/5

Fit perfect

Quality:  5/5

Seem to be very well made
Size I Wore:  L

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