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Big Boys Pants – Let the Angels Surround You

The Angels Surround Me …

Have you dreamed of a pair of underwear that felt like the angels themselves flew down and wrapped their supple wings around your package? Well, this is how the new Big Boys Pants feel!!

I was fortunate enough to try the Big Boys lowrise boxer this week. From the moment I put them on, I knew they were going to be phenomenal. I have previously reviewed Obviously, which is also an anatomically designed underwear, and was concerned about some too much fabric up front – something I also read from other reviewers. Thankfully, Big Boys does not have this problem. There is just enough fabric to hold you together without restriction and without a chunk of extra material hanging there until you’re, um, happy enough to fill them. When I first heard of Big Boys I was thinking they were for the generously endowed. What I found is that they really are designed for the average guy to the “large” guy. The fabric allows for both.

The Big Boys Pants are made from Lenzing Modal ®, which is a 100% all-natural material. The material is super soft and has a lot of stretch to it. It’s so stretchy I could probably go down to a small and still be extremely comfortable. The added benefit of this super soft, stretchy fabric is that when you are “happy” there’s nothing holding you back.

At one point in my life, I was a loose boxer guy. I liked the commando feel of letting it all hang without restriction. The problem I always had was the bunching of the boxer briefs and the sticking together on hot days. Wearing the Big Boys lowrise boxer is like going back to the commando feel without the negative side effects.

I found the Big Boys Pants to be quite attractive. Because of the fabric, it has a bit of a sheen to it which adds to the attractiveness of it. The only place I could give Big Boys a lower score is in color/design selection. The color choice of black, white, and blue are all very nice. My only hope is that they add some additional colors and design patterns in future productions.

So, with that said, if you’re looking for a piece of heaven on earth, it’s time to be a Big Boy and buy yourself or any men you know a pair of these – you won’t be disappointed.


Overall Rating: 5/5
A must buy

Style: 5/5
Look great!

Fabric: 5/5
Super soft with great stretch

Fit: 5/5
Couldn’t ask for a better fit

Quality: 5/5
Very well made

Size I Bought: M

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