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Bj̦rn Borg Review РOne of My Favorites!

Some of the underwear brands out there have lines for men and women, and sometimes kids too.  Björn Borg is one such brand that produces his and hers lines and more.  When I recently reviewed a few of Björn Borg’s men’s line, they also sent pairs for my wife.  I may be a bit odd, but it’s kind of fun having coordinating underwear. 🙂

I tried three different pairs of their short shorts and will be breaking these into two different reviews.  This review will be on the men’s short shorts in the Feltpen and Shades designs and the women’s mini shorts in the Rose and African Violet designs.  The next review will be on the men’s short shorts in orange piquet and the women’s Love All hipster.

So, on to my first review – men’s short shorts in Feltpen and Shades designs.  Both of these are made from a quality blend of 95% cotton/ 5% elastane.  I found the fabric to be very comfortable with just enough elastane to have some give to them and keep their form.  The quality and craftsmanship is quite evident.  The material is high quality and they use flat stitching on their seams – minimizes the feel of the seams.  I really like the thoughtfully planned panel construction to maximize movement and provide support where it’s needed.  The front pouch was very comfortable and supported me nicely.  Since they’re a short short (boxer brief) there was full coverage in the seat.  The like that the legs stayed in place where they should – important because some boxer briefs can ride up on you during the day – but not Björn Borg.  From a style perspective, Björn Borg has a wide variety of styles and colors to satisfy just about anyone’s taste.  I highly recommend these and have placed them in my top 5 list.  To give you an idea, I have oodles of underwear and kept pulling these out of the dryer to wear again before they even had a chance to be folded.

On the women’s mini shorts, my wife had the same positive experience.  She tried their mini shorts in African Violet and Rose.  I’ll get in to some of the details in a bit, but in short my wife usually refers to her Victoria Secret underwear as her “gold standard.”  When asked how she like her Björn Borg, she said she had a NEW gold standard – Björn Borg.  I must say, this is saying alot!!  Usually, nothing compares.  On to the details … the women’s mini shorts, are made from the same quality blend of 95% cotton/ 5% elastane.  She really liked the feel and comfort of the mini shorts throughout the day.  On fit, she found the cut to be very comfortable for daily wear.  One key aspect that she really liked is in the legs.  She said that often women’s mini short’s are too tight in the legs and wear on you after a day’s wear.  The Björn Borg, however had comfortable leg openings that stayed in place, but didn’t bind.  The mini shorts are also a low fit and are very comfortable as such.  On style, these had a great look.  And, like the men’s, there are a variety of styles and colors to choose from.  As stated earlier, Björn Borg is my wife’s new gold standard for underwear.

For a little extra fun, you too can become a  Swedish Export and submit pictures of yourself in your Björn Borgs.  😉

New to Bjorn Borg?  Find out more about them:
Björn Borg is a Swedish company and is well recognized for their high quality products and unique designs.  They are influenced by their sporting heritage associated with Björn – World No. 1 tennis player.  While underwear is their core line, they also make footwear, bags, fragrances and eyewear.  

Where to buy Björn Borg:
Bjorn Borg
Dead Good Undies


Men’s Short Shorts
Overall Rating:  5/5

Comfortable, quality made

Style:  5/5 
Great selection
Fabric:  5/5

Quality material

Fit:  5/5

Fit very well all around

Quality:  5/5

Well made, flat stitching

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

Women’s Mini Shorts
Overall Rating:  5/5
The new “gold standard” in underwear
Style:  5/5 
A great look
Fabric:  5/5
Quality, soft cotton
Fit:  5/5
Fit extremely well
Quality:  5/5
Very well made
Size She Wore:  L 

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