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Ergowear Max Thong Review

Ergowear Max Thong – A Big Hit

As I’ve written in my previous Ergowear review, they have 3 underwear ranges (X3D, Max, and Plus). Ergowear’s Max Thong is my latest review.  I must say, I was quite impressed all around with the quality and comfort of this thong.


The thong, like Ergowear’s other ranges, features their exclusive 3 dimensional pouch.  The lift effect of the pouch supports and enhances you quite nicely.  The waistband was comfortable with Ergowear displayed across the band.  The combination of the pouch design and fabric made this a very comfortable thong for all-day wearing – seriously, you forget you’re wearing a thong at all.  The fabric is a cotton/lycra blend for a soft and form-fitting feel and look.  The thong was of a decent size – not too big that you felt like you had a wedgie and not too small to feel like you were flossing.  The thong I tried was in black but they also make the Max Thong in white.

As I’ve written in previous reviews, each of Ergowear’s ranges are quite different from each other.  The Max range, as I’ve mentioned, is made from a cotton/lycra blend.  The fabric on the Max is a bit heavier for compression vs the Max Light which is made from a modal/lycra fabric – creating a softer feel and look.  Regardless if you go for the Max or Max Light the 3 dimensional pouch is designed to work the same.  If you look at the pictures, the pouch is meant to lift you up and out in a natural position.  This really helps with eliminating the squashing/sticking problems of traditional underwear.  The pictures below show (A) traditional and (B) Ergowear.

I have some reviews on the Max boxer, Max Light brief and Max Light midcut coming out later this week so you can look for those too.  Both the Max and Max light come in a variety of colors and cuts (thong, brief, bikini, jock, midcut, boxer).  All-in-all, I am once again very happy with my Ergowear.  Definitely a hit and a favorite of mine.


Also available in white
Where to buy Ergowear:

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Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)






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