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Have Fun In Your Underwear …

Have some fun in your undies!

Now this is a bit atypical for a
menswear review, but we thought it’d be fun to review the men’s and
women’s version of Ginch Gonch since they create styles for both.

Ginch Gonch is one of those really cool
brands that has a fun, extensive variety of underwear, for both guys
and gals. I had the opportunity to try out a pair of Megatons while
my wife tried out the Heart as a Rock. Let me just say, it was a lot
of fun to have both of us sportin’ Ginch Gonch.

The style of Ginch Gonch is pure fun –
and who can argue with having some fun in your pants? The cut of my
Megatons is that of a typical full-coverage brief, but the fun and
fabric is what makes the difference. It’s like being a little boy
with having tiny earth movers all over your drawers! The fit of the
brief was quite comfortable, with soft 4-way stretch cotton and
full-coverage in the rear. My wife enjoyed my briefs as much as she
enjoyed hers (I liked ’em too) and found them sexy and comfortable.

You can’t go wrong with Ginch Gonch if
you like to have fun in your underwear! 😉


Overall Rating:  4/5

Fun, comfortable pair of briefs  

Style:  4/5 

Fabric:  4/5

Comfortable cotton blend

Fit:  4/5

Good coverage, comfortable fit

Quality:  5/5

Seems to be very well made 

Size I Wore:  M

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