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Piado Boxer Brief — a must have!

Introducing the Piado Boxer Brief

This week, I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Piado’s boxer brief. The boxer brief is an interesting pair of underwear – not quite a boxer and not quite a brief. At first, I wasn’t sure I was going to like them. Pulling them out of the attractive packaging, the soft bamboo fabric immediately caught my attention. I have some biases, and bamboo is one of them – love the fabric for all of it’s wonderful qualities. Bamboo is natural, soft, wicks really well, and doesn’t leave an odor after a day’s workout.

After trying them on, I knew I was going to love them. In addition to the super soft fabric, the design of the boxer brief and the fun orange color impressed me. I categorize these as a fun pair of underwear – sort of like the ’70’s VW Minibus – different but cool because of it.

The waist band and leg bands are also soft and comfortable. The stitching of the panels is well done and creates a nice holding for your boys. After wearing them for a long day I must say I was very comfortable all day long. I generally like boxer briefs but sometimes have to keep pulling the legs back down. With the Piado boxer brief, they solved this problem. The boxer brief is just long enough and just short enough – the perfect middle. I also really liked the full-coverage of the rear end – no riding up. Other reviewers mention the fabric stretching out during the day. I didn’t notice this at all and I had them on for roughly 17 hours. They were comfortable the entire time.

Another aspect of Piado that I like is the concept behind their product. I am most impressed with their commitment to the environment. Piado is noted for it’s distinct fabrics, modern & sophisticated design and eco-friendly products. All of their products are packaged in recycled paper. They use fabrics with better qualities/properties than most of those used in mainstream fashion, materials with a longer life span, that have a lesser impact on the environment from inception on.  A note on the bamboo fabric is that it’s exceptionally sustainable. It is the fastest growing plant on earth. It helps reduce the carbon dioxide gases that contribute to global warming and does not require the use of pesticides for its growth.

Piado is committed to using recycled products in the office environment: recycled paper for correspondence, no plastic table wear, energy saving appliances… Piado states that, for the most part, they are a paper free office – Piado’s transactions are paperless (email communications, electronic receipts, etc). They do not even own a fax machine.

To summarize, Piado boxer briefs are super-comfortable, stylish, fun, and well constructed. And, as a bonus, they are an eco-friendly company. I haven’t reviewed Piado’s brief but if they are anything like their boxer brief I’m sure they’re great.

EXTRA: They’re offering free shipping and are having a 10% Off Sale – use coupon “givemefreedom”


Overall Rating: 5/5
Well worth the money – plus extra bonus points for being eco-friendly!

Style: 5/5
Unique and fun

Fabric: 5/5
Super soft 94% Bamboo/6% Lycra

Fit: 5/5
Really, really comfortable all day

Quality: 5/5
Very well made

Size I Reviewed: M

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