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Is that a toy in your pants?

Is that a toy in your pants? Well… they’re my undertoys!  I had the joy of reviewing a pair of Undertoy Doodle Briefs.  Is it wrong to say I like to have fun in my underpants?  I think I must have had a deprived childhood of plain undies growing up (written whilst a tear runs down my cheek) that I enjoy underwear that’s fun to wear with cool designs, colors and fabrics.  

Without a doubt, undertoys will grab your attention with their fun, playful designs.  The next thing that will grab you is how comfortable they are.  Made from a cotton/spandex blend (and according to undertoys magic fairy sprinkles too) the brief is soft, comfortable and forgiving.  I found the brief to have a comfortable pouch and full coverage in the rear.  Best of all — well not really, the best is how fun they are, but moving on — is that they are reasonably priced at $18.95 AUS (aprx $16.95 USD).  AND if there’s a lady in your life, they make fun women’s undertoys too!

These most definitely are on my favorites list!  Check ’em out at

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Overall Rating:  5/5

Fun AND Comfortable, like being a kid again (+ bonus points for the fun factor)

Style:  5/5 
Really cool designs

Fabric:  4.5/5

Soft and comfortable for cotton (magic sprinkles helped)

Fit:  4.5/5

Fit very well and comfortable all day

Quality:  5/5

Seem to be made very well

Size I Wore:  L

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