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Keep Your "Boys" Toasty …

Toasty Boys thermal sleep shorts are simply wonderful
. Living in the
cold midwest (USA), I can appreciate the need to find warm sleep
shorts. Yesterday was -8F/-22C and I was in need of finding
something cozy and comfortable to wear around the house and to bed –
Toasty Boys did the trick.
thermal sleep shorts are like thermal long underwear without the
legs. What I found interesting is they took what often look like
boring underwear and turned them into fun, playful sleep shorts. The
cut of the sleep short is much more form-fitting than the typical
long underwear and features a stylish Toasty Boys branding on the
sleep shorts performed just as I had hoped. They were comfortable
around the house and very warm for sleeping – let’s just say my
“boys” were happy and toasty warm. I’ve found that I like these
so much that I’ve worn them a couple of times already. I tried both
the large (34-36”) and medium (32-34”). Since I’m a 34” waist,
I wasn’t sure what size to get. I found that the large was most
comfortable for sleeping and lounging and the medium was best for
wearing under jeans. If you’re size is in-between the ranges, I’d
stick with those – sizes seem to be right on.
who is Christopher Anthony, designer behind Toasty Boys? Well, he’s
a former Chicago fireman, who turned to film, who turned to fashion,
and became designer Christopher Anthony. After moving back to
Chicago, he became instantly reminded of the cold weather. Chicago,
famous for being the
Windy City,
soon brought the realization one day that his “boys” were, in
fact, cold! With a newly formed actor’s imagination in hand,
Christopher Anthony suddenly tapped into his creative intuitions.
I really, really like about Christopher Anthony is that he’s
passionate about using organic fabric. The Toasty Boys are made from
12 oz., 100% organic cotton. Concerned about keeping it
eco-friendly, Christopher doesn’t have his products pre-washed with
chemicals as many do. When you buy a pair, you should pre-wash at
home before wearing.

will say, if you live in a colder climate (or just like to be warm)
you won’t be dissapointed with Toasty Boys – they really do keep
your boys toasty! 🙂 At $24 (US) they are a good buy for what you


Overall Rating:  5/5

I really liked them! 

Style:  4/5

Stylish for sleep shorts

Fabric:  5/5

Comfortable, warm, and eco-friendly!

Fit:  3/5

Fit very well

Quality:  5/5

Very well made

Size I Wore:  M and L (see notes in review)

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