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My Oh My, a Bon Bon Review

I’ve been wondering why Bon Bon uses, “My Bon Bon World”  and now I know!  It’s My Bon Bon World because they’re mine, all mine (said with an evil laugh).  I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Bon Bon Colours Collection Trunks.  When I say I had the pleasure, I really mean it – not just it was nice being able to review them, but THANK YOU for granting me this pleasure!!  Once you get a pair, they’ll be all yours and you won’t want to give them up – they’re yours, all yours (haha).

On to the review …. As I’ve subtly alluded to, these trunks are incredibly soft.  Made from one of my most favorite fabrics, the trunks are made from 90% micro modal and 10% spandex – giving you this incredible luxury feeling.  Seriously, I can’t say enough positives about how soft and luxurious these are.  The trunks (or briefs if you prefer) come in a vivid array of colors – pink, yellow, green, purple, blue.  The colors, while extremely vivid, still give you a masculine feel – likely because of the contrasting leg bands and waistband in combination with the overall cut.  The pair I tried was in their green – very cool.  I really like the contrasting trim to the vivid green.  

An aspect of the micro modal that makes me love it so much is that it has incredible stretch to it.  Because if this feature of the fabric, the pouch was incredibly comfortable and supportive; It holds, conforms and supports.  The other aspect of the micro modal that I really like is that it’s naturally antimicrobal so you don’t get any odor while sweating in these beauties.  

The waistband, as I said earlier, is contrasted in black with coordinating Bon Bon written across it. The waistband is wide, soft and very comfortable.  And, just hanging from the waistband is your little Bon Bon man.  For the leg bands, also in contrasting black, fit comfortably around your legs and prevent them from riding up during the day.

While packaging doesn’t make them feel any better, it is nice when underwear comes in attractive packaging.  With Bon Bon, they come in a nice little box that can be reused for something else or to be used as the wrapping itself if given as a present.

All-in-all, I’d most certainly wear these as daily wear, a special occasion, sports, or just about anything.  The Bon Bon Trunk is easily in the top section of my favorite list.    

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Overall Rating:  5/5

Outstanding!!!  Can I give more than a 5???

Style:  5/5 
Great cut and love the vivid colors
Fabric:  5/5

Insanely soft and comfortable

Fit:  5/5

Like a glove

Quality:  5/5

Seem to be put together very well – you’re getting what you pay for

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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