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N2N Bodywear 2010 Freedom Bikini – A Review

You may recall my recent review of the N2N Bodywear 2010 Twilight Bikini, in which it earned a perfect score. Today, I’m happy to write on another item from N2N’s 2010 Collection – the Freedom Bikini (UN23).

The Freedom Bikini is made from the same wonderfully soft 90% cotton/10% spandex blend as the Twilight Bikini – creating a soft ribbed cottony feel with just the right amount of stretch and body forming characteristics.  The cut of the Freedom Bikini is also the same as the Twilight Bikini.  Really, the main difference between the two are the colors.  The Twilight series uses black, yellow and grey whereas the Freedom series uses red, white and blue.  So, for all practical purposes, my review of the two are the same as far as the same awesome comfort!  To remind you, I really liked how soft the cotton was and how it gently wrapped and supported you.  AND, there was NO riding up during the day.

The waistband, as you can see, uses patriotic red, white and blue with white contrasting leg bands.  I really like the look of these and will have to be sure to wear these on the 4th of July!  

So, another wonderful bikini from a top of the line brand, N2N Bodywear.  You can’t go wrong with N2N and you certainly can’t go wrong with the new Freedom Bikini at $17 (USD).  I’d highly recommend these to you and have placed them high on my favorites list.

Where to buy N2N Bodywear?
N2N’s own online store

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Overall Rating:  5/5

Great fit, style, comfort AND price
Style:  5/5 

Love the patriotic colors and the ribbed cotton
Fabric:  5/5

Quality material and a great feel
Fit:  5/5
VERY comfortable
Quality:  5/5
Very well made

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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