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N2N Bodywear Basic Hoodie Review

If you’ve been reading Menswear Review, you know we are huge fans of N2N Bodywear.  The quality is amazing, styles are fresh, and (most importantly) their collections are so comfortable to wear.

Today’s review is on the N2N Bodywear Basic Hoodie.  The Basic Hoodie is part of N2N’s Basic line, comprised of t-shirts, tanks, sweats, and a hoodie.

The overall fit was fairly accurate, but tends to lean on the smaller size. If you’re a borderline size you may want to go up or down a size depending on which direction you lean – tighter fit vs looser fit – or if you have longer arms (up-size).  See the N2N Bodywear size chart here.

I found the Basic Hoodie to be very comfortable to wear.  The lightweight material, combined with the soft cotton provide a soft, casual feel.  The arms are just at the wrist.  If you have longer arms, you may want to size up.  The hood is functional and drapes comfortably on your head.

The material is a lightweight 100% supima cotton. It seems to be the same weight of cotton as their t-shirt.  As a result, this is a perfect summer hoodie for those days or nights when you want just a little more warmth without a full-blown sweatshirt-weight hoodie. Your color choices include black, white, putty, and navy.

Overall, I really like the N2N Basic Hoodie and can recommend it to you as a summer hoodie.

Where to buy the N2N Bodywear Basic Hoodie?

n2n-basic-hoodie-navy n2n-basic-hoodie-black n2n-basic-hoodie-white n2n-basic-hoodie-putty

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