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N2N Lounge Robe Review

As winter fades and spring weather begins to flourish, it’s time to change out our heavy robe for a light spring/summer weight robe.  Well, N2N has the perfect option for you in their soft, luxurious and oh-so-sexy Lounge Robe.

Today’s review is on N2N Bodywear’s Lounge Robe. The robe is available in black, royal blue, and heather/charcoal.

What We Liked

The Lounge Robe, like the rest of the Lounge Collection, is made from a soft blend of 95% Rayon / 5% spandex. The material is light to the touch and incredibly comfortable. Come spring and summer time, I still like to wear a robe around the house.  What we loved about the N2N Lounge Robe, in addition to the fabric, is how short the robe is; the robe falls just to the mid or bottom of your butt cheeks.  The look is an incredibly sexy one, whether you are wearing something underneath or nothing at all! Sexy, sassy and incredibly comfortable describes this robe best. I’m happy to see they changed their color palette from the light colors to something a bit more bold.

Suggestions for Improvement

I don’t really have any suggestions except for providing an option without a hood.


An incredible robe.  Sexy, sassy and incredibly comfortable describes this robe best.

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An incredible robe. Sexy, sassy and incredibly comfortable describes this robe best.

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