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There’s a Buzz in the Air – Have You Heard?

There’s a buzz in the air about a new
upcoming brand of men’s underwear. According to the Urban
Dictionary, their name means “Lucky or Very Fortunate.” (It also
means ass or anus, but I don’t think they’re going for that.)

The new brand is positioning themselves
as a men’s underwear brand built on culture, personality and
imagination. Who are are they? Jacksy! Jacksy’s mission as a
company is “To offer simple, innovative and sexy products for the
modern man in line with current trends, relevant themes and at a
competitive price?”
I don’t know about you, but I’m
intrigued. They’ve got a cool, fun marketing campaign going and will
be launching their product line very soon. I’m excited to be able to
review this new line for you. Look for a review before the new year!

“They say Guys dont care about underwear…
At Jacksy we have other ideas.
A New Brand Is Coming.”

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