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Tribe’s Devore Brief and Short Boxer Review

Tribe hits it home again! This time, the home run is with their Black Devore fabric.  I tried the Black Devore in their brief and short boxer.  Sexy, classy luxury pretty much sums it up!  The Black Devore fabric has a velvet pattern across a mesh base, creating just enough transparency to keep things interesting.  The feel of the fabric is pure luxury.  The Devore fabric also comes in a sexy red.
The brief is cut wider on the hip than the slim side (which I reviewed earlier) for a great look and feel.  There was a comfortable fit in the front and adequate coverage in the rear.  The short boxer is also is quite comfortable in the front full coverage in the rear.  The legs of the short boxer are just that, short.  While they’re short, which creates a very attractive look, they’re also very comfortable and eliminates and problems with legs riding up.

I really, really like the Devore fabric in Tribe’s brief cut and short boxer.  Without a doubt, one of my personal favorites and I highly recommend either cut in the Devore fabric.  You may want to consider one of Tribe’s wash bags.  If you buy 3 pairs of Tribe you can get the wash bag free (you do this during check out).


Overall Rating:  Brief: 5/5 and Short Boxer: 5/5

Classy, sexy and comfortable.  What more do you want?  

Style:   Brief: 5/5 and Short Boxer: 5/5 
I love the pattern and cuts

Fabric:   Brief: 5/5 and Short Boxer: 5/5

Luxury mesh and velvet blend

Fit:   Brief: 5/5 and Short Boxer: 5/5

Great comfort

Quality:   Brief: 5/5 and Short Boxer: 5/5

Very well made

Size I Wore:  M/M

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