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2(x)ist Maximize Bulge Enhancing Trunk – a Men’s Underwear Review

What guy doesn’t want a bigger bulge?

Have your attention?  The latest in men’s bulge-enhancing has hit the streets and is exclusive to Freshpair.  2(x)ist has released it’s latest product – the 2(x)ist Maximize Trunk and Brief. This new underwear is so exclusive to Freshpair that you won’t even find it listed on the 2(x)ist website!

I have to tell you, I absolutely love the new Maximize collection. The trunk, and the brief for that matter, remind of the No Show Trunk, but with some massive improvements [pun intended 😉 ].  The Maximize is made from a lush blend of Modal (96%) and Spandex (4%), resulting in a smooth, silky material that molds and rests on your body like down feathers; seriously, this is some incredibly soft material!  The pair I tried came in black and was accented by the platinum waistband featuring the 2(x)ist logo.

Perhaps what I like best, and who wouldn’t, is the power of the bulge-enhancing pouch. Similar to Obviously and Big Boys Pants, the Maximizer doesn’t use any goofy straps or contraptions to lift you up.  What the 2(x)ist Maximize does instead is use a contoured pouch that comfortably lifts and supports your package up and out – giving your frontal profile a welcomed enhancement.  The look is very natural, and very comfortable.  For guys who’ve complained about some extra material with Obviously or Big Boys Pants when their package was in the, er, normal state, you’ll be quite pleased with the Maximize line.  The pouch has just enough material to hold you comfortable and provide stretch during those, er, happier times when you need more material.  So, in short the material grows with you instead of providing extra for when you might need it.  Definitely a leg up (for your third leg) on the competition with their pouch design.

All around I found these to be incredibly sexy and comfortable. From the ultra comfortable, bulge-enhancing pouch to the full seat of the trunk (which didn’t ride up by the way), I am in awe of these fabulous trunks!  If you’re a trunk guy, you’re looking at $29 and if you’re more of a briefs guy, you can get those too for $24.

Where to buy:

Exclusive to Freshpair

Maximize trunkMaximize trunkmiximize

Overall Rating [rating=5]

Fit [rating=5] Ultra comfortable and really does enhance your bulge

Style [rating=5] Sexy and, well, it gives you a boost!!

Fabric [rating=5] Soft and silky

Quality [rating=5] Excellent quality

Size I Wore: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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