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2(x)ist Y-Back Thong – A Men’s Underwear Review

Review by Shayne D. Harrison

Stylish men are impressed by quality and the image of brands. 2(x)ist is a brand that is synonymous with quality, sexiness and comfort.  No man
should go without having a pair of these ultra sexy underwear in his draw at home.

Thongs have in the past been quite uncomfortable. I have found that other brands can create a wedgy and you constantly need to adjust yourself. This is quite embarrassing especially if you are trying to attract someone. However, 2(x)ist have created a Y-backed thong which eliminates the need to constantly adjust yourself. They have created a very sexy looking thong that still accentuates your tight bubble butt. It also looks great under clothing and it is not highly noticeable you are wearing the most sexiest underwear on this earth.

2(x)ist have been smart in their use of ribbed cotton with flat locking stitching and a single centre front seam to add to the comfort. They have ensured that the pouch is large enough to accommodate those of us fortunate enough to be blessed. The pouch also creates a very sexy outline, which will drive your partner WILD. The waistband made of microfiber and a generous 1.5” waist will ensure that it doesn’t dig into your waist, as I have found with other manufacturers.

The 2(x)ist Y-back Thong comes in the classic black and sexy white, which will complement any outfit. 2(x)ist come in 4 sizes: Small (28-30”), Medium (31-33”), Large (34-36”) and XLarge (37-39”). They are the sexiest and most comfortable thong to wear that it has recently been nominated as the winner of 2010’s Undie Awards for Favourite Thong at They are also going out for a bargain at $12. Why not buy enough for a whole week – you wont regret it!

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Overall Rating
This is the sexiest thong you’ll buy!
Very comfortable and fit my package perfectly
Will make you feel as sexy as the model on the cover
The ribbed cotton allows you to wear it all day
(X)cellent quality for and (X)cellent product

Size I Wore: S (I’m a 29″ waist)

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