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3rd Beach Underwear – A Men’s Underwear Review

Guest Review
By:  Cody

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, four local entrepreneurs combined their skills and expertise and soon after, 3rd Beach was born.  Clifton Beach in Cape Town is made up of four coves and the beaches are called 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The name obviously refers to the third beach.  Their website says 3rd beach is the most renowned, yet it is the fourth beach that is a Blue Flag Beach.
3rd Beach has three styles to choose from: Classic Brief, Sports Brief and Boxer Brief.  Each style has four different color combinations largely made up of a simple color swap between blue and pink.  

On fit, the leg seam rise on all styles are all very high and all fit very snug.  I am a size 28 waist and the sizing guide states a small is for 29-30 inch waists; yet the small fits me very tightly.  As a personal preference I like the tight fit yet you may not and could order a size up and easily achieve the fit you’re more used to.  

The waistband is an average 1.5 inches thick.  Where the waistband connects and is sewn together in the back the branding name tends to run together.  A few brands nowadays are starting to catch this and label their waistbands only once or twice to avoid it.  This is a big pet peeve of mine and usually the first thing I look for when purchasing new underwear.  
The fabric of the underwear consists of 94% cotton and 6% elastane.  Most brands I own that are made primarily of cotton tend to stretch throughout the day making them saggy and loose (especially in the legs.)  3rd Beach, however, maintains its shape and fit.  One of the downsides of this brand is that they still use the common sew-on tag for branding and care instructions.  Although it is not an itchy uncomfortable one, it just irks me that it’s there.  As a fix, you can always cut off the tag – but you shouldn’t have to. 

The purchase price ranges from $22-$27 based on the style.  Despite the sew-on tag and the mashed lettering waistband I would still purchase these again.  Mostly due to the originality (how many brands of underwear do you own from South Africa?)  The fact that the legs don’t become saggy after a few hours of wearing them also makes me very happy.   

If you do order from their website and live in the USA it’s best to purchase at least three pairs simply for the savings on shipping.  If you purchase one or two items the shipping costs a whopping $31.72 but they discount the shipping on orders of three or more to $8.08.  Basically, you can buy three pairs for the same price as two. 

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Overall Rating
Original, rare, simple, comfortable
Modern take on a basic look, simple colors
Very tight/fitted, leg seams don’t stretch out
Sewn-on tag and waistband mess-up

Size I Wore:  S (I’m a 28″ waist)

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