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Bum-Chums In2Cooler Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

As we wrote a few weeks ago, Bum-Chums has really seemed to have gained some traction this past year with their new underwear collections. From the sparkling metallic to the daring mesh, Bum-Chums has a wide variety of collections to offer. Two of the newest collections Bum-Chums  has release is the Tool Belt Brief and the In2Cooler Brief.

high performance equipment needs good ventilation to maintain peak performance, and the bum-chums’ In2cooler is designed to provide that very thing for your essential components! It allows airflow to your undercarriage, reducing the risk of ‘Push Rod’ or ‘Piston Ring’ overheating! So, whether you’re engine is idling or revving, you can be sure your bum-chums’ In2coolers will keep your ‘Main Bearing’ and ‘Rear Suspension’ in pole position!

The In2cooler is available in three striking finishes; why not get your motor running with the red and black In2cooler Ignite; supercharge your engine with a little ‘Forced Induction’ from our white and red In2cooler Air or be top model at the motor show with the ‘sub-zero’ blue and white In2cooler Ice! Ch

Fit: The In2Cooler is styled as a lowrise and fits as such. The brief features a comfortable pouch in the front and a comfortable rear coverage too.  I was really very happy with the overall comfort.  Unique to In2Cooler is a stretch of mesh that runs between your cheeks.  When I first saw this design, I was concerned the seems there would be uncomfortable.  Much to my pleasure, it was extremely comfortable and wasn’t bothered by the seems at all.  In addition, I didn’t have to do any adjustments with the seat or pouch. As an all-day underwear or as an evening-out pair, you will find these to be very comfortable.

Unique to Bum Chums was how they adhered their garment care label.  Instead of an itchy label on the inside of the rear waistband as many brands do, they instead added that information to the back of the Bum-Chums logo that hangs off of the front of the brief.  Very clever and ensures comfort!

Style: I really like the look of this new line.  The In2Cooler comes in three color combos – white and red (Air), red and black (Ignite), or blue and white (Ice).  The brief features a sexy mesh pouch that extends under and up the butt in between your cheeks – hot!  The sides and rest of the brief is made from a comfortable, stretchy blend of cotton and lycra.  In addition to the sexy mesh pouch and rear strip, Bum Chums highlights the brief with contrasting stitching.  This really sets things off nicely and finishes the brief with a very aesthetic look.

Fabric: The Bum-Chums In2Cooler Brief is made of a nice blend of cotton Lycra and polyamide power mesh. The material was soft and comfortable with enough stretch to be form fitting without being tight.

Quality: Overall, these are well made.

Overall, I was quite happy with the In2Cooler brief.  For the unique style, focus on attractive color palettes, and for being wonderfully comfortable, I can easily recommend these to you.

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Size Worn: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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