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Bum-Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

Guest Review by Mark


I was asked to review the Bum Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief and I must say I mixed opinions on them.  The hip brief is made of a metallic material.  The metallic material is certainly unique, but it doesn’t breathe very well.  It is shiny and blue and that is nice but on warm days there is going to be issues.  I would recommend these as a special evening event wear and not every day wear (this also follows Bum Chums recommendation).  They  also require special care as you really can’t wash them in a machine as it will ruin the metallic finish.  So hand washing the inside of the brief is recommend and no scrubbing the outside

Fit:  The hip brief offers full coverage.  It sits just below the waist.  The leg openings are higher than the hipster.  I experience a little binding.

Style: This is a regular brief style.  There is full coverage in the front and rear.  They are not form fitting as the material does not allow for that. The metallic material is what gives this a higher score on style.  The shiny metallic is certainly unique and can be fun if you’re looking for something different.

Fabric: The Bum Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief is made of a lycra/elastane mix.

Quality: The Bum Chums Terra Firma Hip Brief appears to be of high quality material and should last quite awhile as long as you care for them appropriately.

Overall, I liked the workmanship of the brief but was not impressed with the overall wearing of them nor the special care instructions.  If you’re ok with just wearing these for fun and the extra care they take, you’ll be fine.

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Size Worn: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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