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BumGear Mesh Boxers- A Men’s Underwear Review

Every once in a while I like to repost a previous review when a product really needs another round of applause.  For me, this is my pair of BumGear Mesh Boxers.  I pulled them on again today and continue to be impressed by not only how sexy they are but also how incredibly comfortable they are.

has, perhaps, the best pair of mesh boxers I’ve worn.  I must say, I originally bought these for a special weekend away.  I had anticipated these to be super sexy but not very comfortable – boy was I wrong!!  

The mesh material is extremely soft with good stretch (94% polyester/6% spandex), the waistband is comfortable, and they fit perfectly.  These  men’s boxers provide a comfortable pouch that supports you, but can also accommodate any, er, growth that may occur.

Being a boxer, there is obviously full coverage for you too.  When I first wore them, I was concerned when I saw the rear seam between the cheeks.  I love when brands do this as it really accentuates your butt, but sometimes you feel like you have a wedgie as a result.  I can comfortably say, pun intended, that not only did my arse look hot in these, but I was extremely comfortable and wasn’t bothered a bit by the seam.

These are so comfortable they are now part of my daily wear selection (in fact I’m wearing them now). And, quality is outstanding on these.  Some of my other mesh underwear tends to fall apart after a bit, but these have been washed and worn many times and they look like the day I bought them.  I picked these up for $28.  They’re on the higher end for price, but worth every penny. 

You really need to check these out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed! In loving these so much, I really need to do myself a favor and get a hold of some of the BumGear styles.

Available at
BumGear’s Own Store
or with FREE Shipping!


Overall Rating
Just about as sexy and comfortable as you can get!
Hot! Have you seen the pictures?
Soft, comfortable, sexy mesh
Very well made and have held up over time

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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