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Freemen Net Microfibre Brief – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Freemen is coming out with some adventurous and sensual styles, one of which came in the package from Mensuas. Boy at first, I had to learn how to put this brief on. It comes with an inbuilt fabric cock ring to accentuate your package while creating clean lines in the rest of the brief.

As the brand suggests, it allows men to be free who they really are and this is evidenced in their adventurous styles. The brief fits well and moulds to the manly physique providing definition where it is needed, especially in the crotch. The design is unique and takes a little to get used to. However, once you wear this garment for a while you understand why they have designed it this way. It is a liberating or ‘freeing’ experience that needs to be taken at least once in your life.

The breathable microfibre material makes this brief extremely comfortable to wear all day. The brief has small air holes across the brief to allow your skin to breath and to effectively cool you down on a hot, steamy day. This brief would be great to wear while playing sports. It would be cool enough to wear all day whilst giving you ultimate support due to the ingenious cock ring crotch support. Overall, the workmanship is average with some visible stray strands of cotton and places where it looked a little unfinished.

The front of the garment features two panels connected by the waistband. The pouch is made of a mesh like material, which allows your member to breathe easily. They constructed the pouch well with side access panel to make going to the bathroom easier. The double thickness in the pouch provides a certain level of discretion not found in other meshed products. The front of the briefs features an inbuilt cock ring, which helps to accentuate your assets whilst contouring to your natural form. One downfall I have found is that the brief do not cater well to those moments in life where you get easily excited. I found that you easily pop out of the garment at the sight of a sexy love interest. I did find that at times I needed to adjust myself.

The rear of the garment is like any conventional brief. They feature an elasticized trim, however, it tended to be a little loose. I found that over time that it tended to rise and give me a slight wedgie. The breathable holes again are featured across the rear of the garment to provide a cool brief to wear.

Take a walk on the wild side of life. Be a freeman. Experience freedom from the shackles of regular brief. Give them a go and I’m sure you will love them. Launch up your browser and head over to Mensuas for a great deal on these unique briefs.

Where to buy: Mensuas


Overall Rating [rating=4]

Fit [rating=4] Fits well and provide comfort and support.

Style [rating=4] An adventurous style, which needs to be experienced – at least once in your life.

Fabric [rating=4] Very comfortable fabric – very cool to wear.

Quality [rating=5] Well made garment with only a few minor flaws.

Size I Wore: M (I’m a 30″ waist)

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