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Good Devil Preview G-String: a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Good Devil Preview StringGood Devil has developed an ingenious concept where every guy out there has a devilish side and an angelic side and plays on this concept through their products. They admit that their products have more devil than good however this is what makes their garment such fun.

Good Devil Preview G-String is definitely not for the faint hearted. Caution is required for those wearing this garment. It is certainly devilish by nature and gives the viewer a sneak preview of what lies underneath.

There is actually not too much to this garment which makes this an extremely sexy profile when worn. There is no waistband as such, featuring spaghetti straps for the waistband and the g-string. It features a thin black string which is somewhat comfortable. The pouch of the g-string is where all the talent lies. The pouch features a V-shaped “cut out” with horizontal straps to provide a sneak preview of the goods that lay beneath. The pouch does not leave much to the imagination and does not really give a great deal of room for guys out there with a substantial package or low hangers. I found that I constantly had to adjust myself so that I did not pop out of the g-string. The whole garment is designed to be worn low cut to show off your natural physique that lies beneath. The front of the pouch features a metallic finish on the outside which adds a little bit of glamour. The inside of the pouch does not feature the same metallic finish providing further comfort for the wearer. I found the rear of the garment somewhat comfortable, however, have never been a fan of thin g-string straps.

The fit could have been improved with this garment by adding a little larger pouch providing more support for the boys. The material is made from a blend Good Devil Preview Stringof Polyester (88%) and Spandex (12%). The addition of the spandex helps to give a certain amount of stretch to the material. However, for those guys out there want to provide that little bit of a preview but want more comfort I would suggest going for something like the Preview Jock, Preview Boxers or even the Preview Bikini. I found that this model of the Preview brand is a little too uncomfortable and does not provide enough support for my liking.

Over time I would assumed that the g-string would stretch and lose its shape and is definitely for guys out there that are comfortable in their body. For me I am not that confident yet and there is just enough room for the tackle that I was born with. It seems that they have provided a great finish to their product, however, the tag in the pouch seemed to be too large and tended to get in the way – requiring you to cut the tag off. Overall, this is an average g-string that is all too commonly seen in the marketplace for my liking.

Where to Buy

However, if you do love these types of underwear, it is worth a go! They can be purchased direct through:

They are a bargain at under $15.00 and well worth a try if you are daring enough.

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Size I Wore: S (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

Good Devil Preview String

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