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Groovin’ Cup Boxer Brief – A Men’s Underwear Review

Now on my third review of Groovin’ men’s underwear, I continue to be greatly pleased.  I loved my Groovin’ Lowrise Hip Brief and Groovin’ Lowrise Wide Waistband Brief, and now … I love my Groovin’s Cup Boxer Brief.  For a bit more about Groovin’, check out the post about the brand.  

The Groovin’ Cup Boxer Brief is not only incredibly sexy, but also incredibly comfortable too!! The fit and finish of Cup Boxer Brief is in line with the Lowrise Hip Brief and Lowrise Wide Waistband Brief I reviewed earlier. The boxer brief is made from Groovin’s 92% Nylon, 8% Lycra blend they’ve used in their other ranges.  The material, has a bit of a shine to it and is silky soft.  The added bonus of this material is that it is very stretchy and molds to all of your curves – highlighting your manhood nicely.

Do not fear the lowrise!  While buying lowrise can sometimes mean you’re sacrificing comfort, this is not the case for Groovin’.  The Cup Boxer Brief sits comfortably at your hips for all day comfort and allowing you to enjoy the sexiness of a lowrise.

For the pouch is simply wonderful.  While the stretchy nature of the fabric will allows for variations in one’s pouch size, the Cup Boxer Brief has a well defined pouch to support you and accentuate your package.  While I don’t see it as an option now, I really hope Groovin’ ads a Cup brief; Once your boys are nested comfortably inside, they won’t want to leave.   Oh, who am I kidding, they’ll want to leave with a little persuasion, but will be happy to go back afterward.

All in all, these are an incredibly sexy, comfortable, fun pair of underwear.  This particular style, the Cup Boxer Brief, and Groovin’s other styles are on list of favorites.  I can easily recommend them to you.  I’ll be posting a review on their string bikini soon so look for that too. 

At $16.99 (USD)these are a steal!

You can find Groovin’ online through Amazon,, and To stay up to date with Groovin’, checkout their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.
Hopefully we will see Groovin‘ more widely available as they are actively looking for local or regional partnerships. 


Overall Rating
Super Sexy and comfortable
Fit me VERY well
Uber Sexy 
Soft, shine, stretchy
Well made

Size I Wore:  L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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