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Grundies Bum Talk Fit Short Black – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

grundies aussie mens underwearBeing an Aussie, I was pleased as punch to be sent my most recent package of Grundies. Grundies designs are innovative and uniquely Australian – I am glad to be able to add their underwear to my collection. Grundies underwear was launched in early 2010 after Pacific Brands moved their iconic brand offshore. Tony Vass, an employee at the time vowed to follow a different path by not following in Pacific Brands footsteps, instead Vass invested his money wisely by starting his new underwear brand – Grundies was now officially born. The namesake of his company is derived from Australian slang for undies – “Reg Grundies” providing a fun, totally different and tongue in cheek approach to the marketplace.

Vass is a staunchly proud Australian and maintains his pride in his nation by utilising Australia’s best underwear designers and local manufacturing facilities. It is important for Vass to manufacture locally, investing in local jobs and producing top quality garments to the marketplace.

Vass proud of his Australian heritage, embraces the iconic images of Australia such as the Australian flag and the Southern Cross in his designs. However, at the basis of his philosophy is to provide quality Australian made underwear at an affordable price for all.

Grundies have a range of garments, I am sure that you will love. Grundies have three basic ranges of underwear: Originals, Aussie and Signature. Within the signature range there are two basic styles – The Bum Talk Fit Short range and The Scrawl Fit Short range.

Quality:  Grundies uses quality local materials in the construction of this garment by using a blend of cotton and elastane, which adds to comfort level. Additionally, Grundies added to this comfort level by using no tags in their garments and using inside out stitching in all their garments. This reduces the common complaint of scratching commonly witnessed with other brands. Totally innovative! Grundies is a great garment to wear for all occasions: work, sport and pleasure. An all rounder garment that everyone must own.

Design: The Bum Talk Fit Short Black boxer briefs are modern yet comfortable. The boxer brief uses the black and white contrast in a subtle yet alluring manner. The 1.5” black waistband does not dig into your waistline. The Grundies logo is emblazoned across the waistband adding to the character of the garment. The same logo but larger is featured across the seat of the boxer briefs.  You will love the youthfulness of these boxer briefs and it will be certain to make you look and feel like gods gift from heaven. They have used their signature across the back of the garment to add a focus point, which will give your admirers something to read whilst staring at your butt. Who does not like a little admiration?

The front of the boxer briefs feature the classic cut of a boxer brief with no Y-front fly, which is a pleasure. To add further comfort and definition to the boxer briefs, Grundies have provided ample room for those of us who need the room. Additionally, they have double stitched the crotch to add a focus point for your admirers.

Fit: The shorter cut of the legs and the selection of quality materials add to the comfort and fit of this garment. I wore these all day at work and did not find that I need to readjust the garment at all during the day. They are a great all round underwear that can be used for work, sport and pleasure. I found that it provided enough support while not being uncomfortable to wear. However, they would have been a sexier cut if they added ribbing to accentuate and further support your package. The rear of the boxer briefs provided a nice rear view whilst remaining comfortable to wear due to the lack of additional stitched found in its competitors.

Grundies are available exclusively online at Grundies have a range of exciting designs for guys that will give you that sporty yet youthful look. If you love Aussies, you will definitely love this brand. If you love their Signature range they start at a great price – a bargain at $25 AUD. At the beginning of 2011, Grundies is venturing into a women’s line that I am sure will look just as sexy and innovative.


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Size I Wore: M and L (I’m a 30″ waist)

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