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Hurmoso Stretch Cotton Brief: a Men’s Underwear Review

A few weeks back, I introduced you to Hurmoso through a brand profile blog post.  Hurmoso is one of the hottest new men’s underwear lines to hit this highly competitive market. Hurmoso was created by “Pissarro” (Pissarro T. Hall) an artist from New York City that has been working in high-end fashion & advertising for the last 10 years. Pissarro tells us that, “Today our niche remains confident, daring, provacitve and sexy guys.”  Based on my first review, their collections nails this niche audience square on the head!

Fit: I’ve written several times now on how much I love the fit of C-In2, as you know a highly popular brand.  The easiest way for me to explain how comfortable the new Hurmoso Stretch Cotton Brief is is to simply compare it as an equal to my favorite C-In2 briefs.  And that is a huge compliment!

The Hurmoso Stretch Cotton Brief is a traditional hip brief in fit and where it sits on your hips.  What sets this brief apart is the comfortable pouch that gives you both great comfort and support.  In addition, the Stretch Cotton brief has a full seat that fit perfectly.  I didn’t have any issues with riding up and didn’t have to adjust either the front or back once during the day.  The wide waistband was also quite comfortable and aided in the overall day-long comfort of this wonderful new brief.

Style: The Stretch Cotton brief is quite attractive, though still pretty much on the conservative macho look.  The waistband is what sets the brief as a fashionable brief. The wide waistband with Hurmoso written across in large letters makes the brief pop in contrast to the solid colored brief.

Fabric: The Stretch Cotton brief is made from a high quality blend of 95% Cotton 5% Elastane.  The material is of a high grade and was quite comfortable and durable.  The comfort of a good grade of cotton really does make all the difference when using a cotton blend for underwear.  The little bit of Elastane used gives you the stretch to the fabric you need for both fit and form retention.  Kudos to Hurmoso on their selection of material.

Quality: High quality was quite evident in the selection of material, quality waistband, and stitching.  You will be well satisfied with the quality of these briefs.

Overall, I loved these briefs. The fit, quality, and style make these a top pick.

Where to Buy

Hurmoso’s Own Online Store

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Size I Wore: L (I’m a 34″ waist)

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