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Joe Snyder Enhancement Bulge Camo Boxer – a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Joe Snyder has always created sexy underwear that helps to enhance the male physique and the Enhancement Bulge Camo Boxer is no exception. Army Camo prints have always looked sexy – I think it is the image of hot guys in Army clothes that does it for me.

This boxer is definitely not for the faint heart and it should make your partners heart race as you slowly undress to reveal a cheeky rear profile while slightly enhancing the pouch to display what is hiding behind the material. At first it feels a little too briefs, however, after a few wears they become great to wear and makes you feel sexy all day long.

Fit: The Joe Snyder Enhancement Bulge Camo Boxer is not your typical boxer – it is extremely sheer and tight showing off your best assets. The front of the garment is lower cut showing off just enough of your treasure trail to drive your partner WILD. The pouch is designed to enhance your manhood, however, I think there are better Joe Snyder that does this. I found that it does enhance your bulge, however, only slightly. I found that with the slightest movement of growth that the pouch does not hold it all in place. The rear of the garment is very high cut designed to show off the edges of your cheeks to provide just enough cheekiness for a fun night in the bedroom. They are a little too brief to be worn all day at work, they are definitely great for a novelty garment that could be used for some role playing activities after dark.

Style: The sheerness and sexiness of this garment is definitely a bonus and one aspect that actually appealed to me. The skimpiness of this garment combined with the camouflage print adds to its sex appeal. When you slowly undress your partner will be shocked yet turned on by how great you will look in them. There is not really a waistband to the boxers, which helps to create an even sexier cut to the boxers. Joe Snyder have used a great combination of shades of army green and black to create a very modern twist on the camouflage theme. The rear of the garment is high cut just cheeky enough to reveal the sides of your butt to reveal just enough for your partner to be enticed and turned on. The pouch of the boxers was a little too brief for my liking and found that as I grew the garment did not provide enough support.

Fabric: The blend of Nylon (80%) and Spandex (20%) used in these boxers provide a very comfortable fit. The material used helps in providing a tighter fit whereby showing off certain areas such as the pouch and rear. Due to the high level of Nylon used in the boxers might make these a little too hot in typical Australian summers, however, they are great for increasing the fun during role-plays and nights of passion.

Quality: Joe Snyder have always been great in designing products of high quality and this product is no exception. The machining and selection of materials is of the highest quality, which adds to the comfort level of this product. There were no discernible defects in this product and is definitely worth a purchase. If you or your partner are turned on by army themes these boxers are definite MUST to spice up the bedroom.

Where to Buy: Joe Snyder products like the Enhancement Bulge Camo Boxers can be purchased through Underwear Station. Joe Snyder have always been a little costly, however, $26 is worth it even for the fun you are going to have with these little beauties. They are also available in trunk, g-string, bikini and jockstrap styles. Be adventurous get one in each style and see which one your partner loves the most.

joe snyder bulge enhance underwearJoe Snyder bulge enhancing underwear butt

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Size I Wore: S (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

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