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Joe Snyder Kinny Bikini – a Menswear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Joe Snyder definitely does deliver on sexiness, functionality and comfort. I have had the pleasure of reviewing other Joe Snyder underwear and, like other reviews, I am totally in awe and love for this brand. The Joe Snyder Kinny Bikini is a slinky garment that conceals very little. The material covers just enough to remain modest whilst giving an extremely sexy profile.

Fit: Joe Snyder claims this garment is one size fits all, however, I found that constantly needed to adjust the bikini especially at the rear of the garment. The rear of the garment is extremely low cut providing just enough coverage. The rear of the garment is designed to just cover the two cheeks, however, I found that the material would move during the day. The material does not feel uncomfortable even when worn like a g-string. They have provided just enough material in the pouch to barely cover your genitals. I found that if you got aroused at all in this garment that you constantly popped out of the garment. This would be great underwear if you wanted something to spice up your sex life or those guys out there that a little less endowed.

Style: Joe Snyder have produced a snug fitting bikini-style underwear that would look fantastic on a gym-fit body. I love the look of this bikini featured in black with subtle yet sexy black and white spaghetti straps that connect the pouch and the rear of the garment. The straps are connected with round metal circles, which are surprisingly comfortable. The Joe Snyder logo is subtly included on the upper right hand side of the pouch. The pouch is quite roomy to accommodate your testicles, however, they needed to widen the actual pouch especially for guys that are packing more than your average guy. The garment is made more comfortable by the addition of black trimming around the pouch and the rear.

The stretchy material helps to outline the male physique by providing a low cut profile at the front and the rear of the garment. The profile it creates leave very little to the imagination. The fabric used in the bikini outlines the male body nicely by accentuating the male butt and provides enough support in the pouch. However, I feel the garment could become very problematic if you become aroused or horny during the day.

Fabric: The Joe Snyder Kinny Bikini is made of a blend of Nylon (80%) and Spandex Lycra (20%) making this garment extremely comfortable to wear all day. The lightweight material wears well during the hot summer months due to the lack of material used. The bikini features a durable double seamed waistband and pouch to help in defining the male physique. Joe Snyder claim that this bikini can be worn in many different ways or conditions such as swimming, sports and as underwear. Due to its brief profile you would need to be very confident in the shape of your body to show these bikinis off as swimwear. I tested the bikinis in the pool and in the shower: they look even better wet. They define your manhood even more with the material clinging to your package. I am sure if I saw a guy wearing this I would be unable to not stare in admiration. Similarly, the garment is a one size fits all, this claim is should be able to be substantiated.

Quality: Joe Snyder have included the same level of quality they place in all their garments. I could not fault the production of these slinky, sexy underwear. The stitching is flawless with no signs of common faults found in other brands.

These super sexy and revealing underwear can be purchased through Underwear Station at a reasonably priced $28.60. They are available in either black, white or camouflage, all featuring the black and white spaghetti stringed straps. If you love this style, why not buy one each in each colour. A fantastic price that shows off just enough skin whilst providing enough sex appeal to ensure that it will heat up your sex life and give your partner something great to admire.

Overall Rating [rating=4]

Fit [rating=3] Snug fit that leaves nothing to the imagination

Style [rating=3] Slinky, low rise black bikini with black and white straps

Fabric [rating=5] Lightweight briefs with well selected materials

Quality [rating=5] Expert machining and finish

Size I Wore: One size fits all (I’m a 30″ waist)

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