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M8Mate Loungewear – Candy Cocoa: a Men’s Loungewear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

M8Mate are a definite must for those guys out there that love underwear that leave a little something to the imagination. These are your classic boxer shorts with that little bit of sexiness. The colour palate is absolutely gorgeous and helps to accentuate your tanned complexion. The cheeky and brief cut to these boxers will definitely turn your partner on and will make you feel like a Grecian God.

M8Mate have created a sensual and extremely comfortable that you will love to lounge around in after a long hard, strenuous day at work or a great garment to relax in for those lazy Sunday afternoons. The Candy Cocoa boxer is made from a sylish linen, which feels me very much like satin. The blend of material is very soft on the skin and is quite sensual to wear where you cannot help feel like Gods gift to men. The candy range of boxers comes in a range of colours to choose from: Cocoa, Red, Violet and Silver. There is something for everyone and a colour to match your moods and desires. They have manufactured a top-quality garment with no evident flaws in stitching or the selection of materials.
These boxers are not for every guy out there! They are definitely designed for guys out there that are confident in their body shape and love that extra little bit of sexiness. M8Mate have designed a very low cut boxer designed to accentuate the male physique with the addition of a very low cut waistband with the M8Mate subtly located as a tag on right hand side of the waistband, short legs and the slit up the sides of the legs. I found that the boxers were a little too short and found myself popping out a little, especially when I wore no briefs underneath them. The boxer do not feature a fly front, rather they have created a faux opening. The cut is your traditional boxer with that briefer, sexier style to them. It definitely shows off what nature gave you and leaves little room for those nights of passion in the bedroom.

I felt that the boxers were a little too brief as I found that I constantly popped out of these babies and are definitely designed for smaller endowed guys out there. However, they had a fantastic feel to them that I found quite alluring and sensual at the same time. They would be great to wear for nights to seduce any prospective partner who has a pulse. Add a little candy to your diet.

They babies are definite worth it for the price. Why not buy one in each colour, a bargain at only $17 USD. They can be purchased directly through M8 Mate’s website – The only downfall buying from the website is that it is in Ukranian and makes navigating the page a little difficult.  It would be helpful to use Google’s translation service to make navigation easier.  Use this link instead to translate –|en| – select your language, hit translate, and you’re good to go.

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Size I Wore: S (I’m a 28-30″ waist)

M8Mate Cocoa Candy Loungewear

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