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Male Basics Sexy Body – a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Want a sexy body, sexy garment and a sexy look? Male Basics have outdone themselves this time. The one piece male body suit leaves nothing to the imagination and in fact helps to maximize what you already have with their contour pouch enhancement and the even sexier V-cut in the back. This is definitely for guys out there that want that little something extra in the bedroom. The “Sexy Body” moulds to every inch of your body and provides an awesome sling for your cock. I wore this on a night of passion in the bedroom and I must admit that my fiancé did not object rather he was extremely turned on by me wearing it.

Fit: The “Sexy Body”, aptly named, does just that: it creates a body glove appearance to your physique by moulding to your every curve. I was a bit taken a back when I received this package in the mail. I instantly looked at the garment and thought “Oh my lord am I brave enough to try this? Am I even willing for my partner to see me in this?” I took the dive into the garment and received some initial weird glances, however, my lover did love the contoured pouch and the way my ass looked in it. It is easy enough to have a night of passion while wearing this garment and did not need to undress at all. If you are after something different – it is definitely worth a go. The “Sexy Body” helps to define your every muscle by contouring to your natural shape. If I was out of shape I would be very weary wearing this garment. This is definitely a garment for those gym fit guys out there or ones with a natural swimmer build.

The “Sexy Body” comes in three great basic colours: red, black and white. The one-piece garment is basically a singlet attached to a g-string brief. The material is extremely sheer (mesh-like appearance) and leaves nothing to the imagination. It took a bit of mastering getting into the garment as it was very skintight. At this same time, the sheerness and tightness of this material was actually quite a turn-on as it made my body look fantastic. The feel of the whole garment was very comfortable: no bulges or loose material to get in the way. It actually felt quite comfortable under clothing, however, it was a little itchy (probably due to my body hair).  This is definitely a garment for a night of passion – getting in and out of this garment is a little difficult to master quickly. The “Sexy Body” has a sexy cut whereby it shows off your package very well and has an opening that makes going to the toilet and some other fun “wink wink” quite easily. The top part of the one piece garment  (the singlet) did not irritate too much at all and made my chest look even more buffed. The rear of the garment features a thin g-string strap, at first it is a little uncomfortable, however, after a while it feels great.

Design: The “Sexy Body” is designed for a particular market: it is definitely not everyday wear but rather lingerie for a night of passion where you want inject something fu and different into your relationship. This one-piece garment features a contoured enhancement pouch and a V- cut string at the rear. It is designed to be stepped into and slowly slid over the body, slowly squeezing into it. The contoured shape of the garment moulds to your body to further define what is naturally there. The brief component of this garment is high cut and features an enhanced pouch. The pouch provides enough room to house all that is MAN, additionally; there is a small opening above the pouch for easy access. The shape of the briefs is actually very sexy indeed. The rear of the garment features a thin strap (which is worn like a g-string). The whole garment moulds to your shape and feels like your second skin that soon you are unaware you are wearing anything at all.

Fabric: The “Sexy Body” is made of a blend of Nylon (95%) and Spandex (5%) which ensures its tight, svelte-like appearance. The fabric is a meshed appearance and makes this garment cooler to wear. The package underneath the wrapping is easily seen by your lover, which could drive him/her crazy (well it did for me).

Quality: A well made product that should last for a long time. The stitching and fabric stands up well, however some care will need to be taken when laundering this product. I looked very closely and could not find any flaws at all in the quality of this very sexy garment that should spice up your lovemaking.

Where to buy: Be adventurous, buy one in each colour. Even if you don’t wear them everyday – it is worth the investment for the fun that can be had in it for you and your partner. Be warned this is not for every guy out there – it takes a special man to pull this off well. If you are up for it, they can be purchased from Male Basics for a reasonably priced $36.00. The “Sexy Body” only comes in two sizes SMALL/MEDIUM and LARGE/XLARGE. The sizing is a little strange, I wore the LARGE/XLARGE and I would find it very difficult to squeeze into a SMALL/MEDIUM. Definitely do yourself a favour size up a little if you can.

Overall Rating [rating=4]

Fit [rating=4] Fits like a glove, leaves nothing to the imagination and the pouch feels great. Sizing is a little strange – might be adviseable to size up slightly.

Style [rating=4] Not for everyone out there but very sexy male lingerie that will sell what you already have

Fabric [rating=5] Meshed fabric with that hint of sexiness that will drive your partner WILD

Quality [rating=5] Expert machining and finish

Size I Wore: LARGE/XLARGE (I’m a 30″ waist)

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