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MaleBasics Bikini Turquesa – A Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Eric Layman

The MaleBasics Bikini Turquesa, MB004
Turquoise, is the first of my reviews here on Menswear Review.  
In reviewing the bikini, I thought I’d look at five main areas:  fabric, front, back, style and craftsmanship.  Through these review points I am able to better determine the overall rating and, hopefully, give you insight into how this product would work for you. 

Fabric:   The soft 97% cotton fabric was
very soft and comfortable fit huggingly well.  I especially liked the soft elastic waistband.  Often with “string bikini” styles
similar to this, the elastic can be uncomfortable and irritating.  These were completely abrasion free, including the sewn in tag inside the back. 

Front:   Although I typically prefer a
roomier front pouch, the pouch was quite comfortable and held the boys in place
well.  I wouldn’t consider them
tight; however, if I had to ask for anything more it would be just a tad bit
more room. 
Back:  The back isn’t quite a full back; it is
more what I would call a half back.  
Although I am more accustomed to wearing the fuller back styles, they
fit and stayed in place very well. 
I was amazed that there was no tugging and pulling, and I wore them the
entire day. 
Style:   I think the style is a sexy one that doesn’t sacrifice too
much comfort.  They can be worn to
work or in the bedroom. 
Craftsmanship:  This is the first MaleBasics underwear
I have worn and they appear to be very well made.  It is obvious to me that comfort and support are priority in
the way they are made; and they have done a great job. 
For more information and other styles, check out the MaleBasics online store.  

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Overall Rating
Sexy and comfortable
Extremely good for a string bikini
Sexy and free
Very soft and hugging
Well made

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 31″ waist)

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