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MaleBasics Lace Micro Thong V-String: a Men’s Underwear Review

Reviewed by Shayne

Christmas cheer is all abound. Love is in the air. Reward your loved one on Christmas Eve with an extra surprise under the Christmas tree. The MaleBasics Lace Micro Thong V-String can give that extra touch of seduction needed to warm up the cold wintery nights in December. Once you see your man in this underwear you will not only love how he looks in it but he will love the way he feels in it. The ultra-soft microfibre material and the combination of the red lace waistband will make your man look like the stripper you want him to be for you. He could dress up like Santa and slowly strip down to this sexy and fiery white thong embellished with lace waistband as your final Christmas gift. What a better way to spend the festive season?

Fit: Once I received this garment in my most recent package, I was a bit concerned due to the lace. I have always associated lace with femininity but this is far from the truth. I still feel every bit masculine wearing this thong. The material is super silky and soft and nestles your genitals comfortably so much that you can’t help love wearing it. It fits perfectly: the pouch is ample enough for the largest of men. For men out there that are concerned about lace – no need with this garment. The V-cut string is not uncomfortable rather it sits very nicely and does not sit too low to expose too much of your butt (apart from exposing your pert apple cheeks). The lace was a little loose on the waistband but that is due to it being marketed as a S/M. If I was a proper medium it would feel perfect on.

Style and Fabric: It features a 1” red lace waistband, the design being as masculine as lace can be. They have attempted to incorporate the V shape in the centre of the front of the thong and again at the rear of the garment. They have added red trimming around the thong, which matches very nicely with the lace waistband. The lace waistband is a little delicate and I am concerned how long the waistband will remain taut after lengthy wear. I think they needed to incorporate some elastic in the waistband to ensure longevity. The white microfibre material is the most sexy part of this thong: the material feels fantastic against the skin. Male Basics have added a considerable sized pouch which will ensure that you do not pop out even should be become aroused. The material is opaque, giving your partner a glimpse at what monster lies beneath this sexy wrapping.

The material is made from a blend of Nylon (85%) and Spandex (15%) which moulds to your shape and provides definition where it is required (without it being too skin tight). The elastic red trimming around the garment is tight enough to give you support without cutting off your circulation. The waistband is designed to provide a V-shape to the treasure trail region where increasing the sensuality for not only yourself but your partner. Overall these look very sexy on and am looking forward to wearing them as a foreplay to a night of passion.

Quality: This is a high quality garment especially in the machining, stitching and production of this thong. However, I feel that the waistband may not hold up over time as it may stretch. This would be a pity considering how sexy they do look to wear.

Where to buy: Why not be adventurous? Buy a pair from Male Basics and take them for a spin in the bedroom. Try a little light seduction in these beauties and bring to life the fantasy of being a stripper to your beautiful women or sexy man. $17.99 USD is totally worth it for a night of bedroom fantasy fun or for a thong that will make you feel like a sexy beast. They are only available in red and white.

Overall Rating [rating=4]

Fit [rating=3] A sexy lace thong whilst still being masculine

Style [rating=4] Soft, sensual V-cut thong. Waistband slightly loose and may not have longevity

Fabric [rating=5] Nylon/Spandex blend that feels so soft to wear

Quality [rating=4] High quality garment that oozes sex appeal

Size I Wore: S/M (I’m a 30″ waist)

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