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N2N Bodywear 2010 Freedom Boxer – A Men’s Underwear Review

I been writing on N2N’s new 2010 men’s underwear lines that recently came out and have published several reviews since, including the Freedom Brief and Bikini.  The entire Freedom Collection is exceptionally nice men’s underwear.

Today’s review is on N2N’s Freedom Boxer (UN26).  The Freedom Boxer is made from the same wonderfully soft cotton/spandex blend as the rest of the Freedom Collection.  The Freedom Boxer is similar to the Twilight Trunk as far as overall coverage.  The advantage of the Boxer over the Trunk is that there is a definitive pouch area whereas the Trunk is more free-flowing. The other difference is in the length of the legs and the leg bands.  The Boxer has wider, more defined, leg bands and the Trunk has much narrower leg bands.  And, the legs of the Boxer are a tad longer than the Trunks.  I gave the Trunk high marks, but would say I like the Boxer a bit better.

The cotton/spandex blend provides a soft ribbed cottony feel with a comfortable amount of stretch to support and form to your body.  With the defined pouch, I found the Freedom Boxer to be very comfortable and supportive without being restrictive.

The Freedom Collection uses a 1.5″ braided waistband.  The waistband is just high enough to be comfortable without cutting into  you and small enough that it doesn’t strangle the overall aesthetics of the boxer.  The braided waistband was soft and comfortable.  Since this is a short boxer, there isn’t much length on the legs.  Because of this, and the leg bands, I didn’t have any problems with a riding-up feeling.  And with these being a short boxer, there is full rear end coverage which adds to the all-day comfort.

For style, it’s a sexy, masculine look.  The stretchy ribbed cotton and patriotic colors creates an attractive look especially with the body forming nature of the added spandex to the material – allowing the material to form and profile your manhood a bit.  

If you haven’t noticed from my other reviews on the Freedom Brief and Bikini, I absolutely love this new collection.  They truly are a wonderful pair of men’s underwear and provide excellent daily comfort.  I’d again recommend these and the Freedom (or Twilight) line to you and have placed the Boxers on my favorites list.  

Reasonably priced at $21 (USD) you can’t go wrong, they’re a great buy!  What a great pair for Holiday Weekend!!

Where to buy N2N Bodywear?
N2N’s own online store


Overall Rating
Very comfortable and sexy boxer
Exceptionally comfortable – great pouch and fabric
Sexy, masculine, and patriotic!
Wonderful cotton/spandex blend
Very well made

Size I Wore:  M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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