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No Limits Bikini: a Men’s Underwear Review

A few days ago, I was fortunate to be able to write a review on the No Limits Sleep and Sportswear . The No Limits I reviewed was a 2 piece t-shirt and boxer brief.  I gave a great review on this new brand, No Limits, and today’s review on their mesh bikini is no different.  In my last review, I wrote that No Limits is a partnership between the US and Europe (Bulgaria) with designs to address the styles of both sides of the pond.

Today’s review, is on the partial-mesh bikini (style #211 B).  The partial-mesh bikini is just that, a hint of mesh to intrigue the viewer.

Fit: The overall fit of the No Limits bikini was quite good.  At first glance, I was afraid that the bikini would be too small to be comfortable for a full-day’s wearing as bikini has minimal rear coverage.  To my pleasant surprise, because of the light material used these were rather comfortable for a full day.  While it’s a true bikini fit in the butt, I did find that the material laid gently across your buttocks without leaving an uncomfortable feeling like some other brands have as the material stretches across you.

In front, I found an adequate pouch.  The pouch isn’t an enhancing design or ergonomic styled as others have started using, but nonetheless, it provided plenty of room and was comfortable.

Style: The black fabric with the mesh panels are an attractive traditional look – not too flashy and far from boring.  The No Limits label with it’s red letters splashed across the front of the waistband ads a bit of pizazz to the overall look. The material blend is body-hugging without being restrictive and molds nicely to you; this, in turn, creates a sexy look.  If No Limits were to make a version 2, the only suggestion I could provide is to have a mesh rear as well.

Fabric:  Made from a blend of 89% polyamide and 11%spandex you’ll find the material to be silky and stretch.  This, as I stated above, ads to the sexy body-hugging look many of us are after.  The only thing, and this is being picky, is I’d rather see either a unlined pouch or would have liked to have seen them use black for the inner liner instead of white.  This is picky, unless of course someone is looking down your pants. 🙂

Quality:  The overall quality of the No Limits is quite good.

Where to buy: You can buy these directly from their online store at

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Size Worn: M (I’m a 34″ waist)

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